Razer denizden çıkardığı plastiklerle giysi koleksiyonu yaptı

Razer collects clothes with plastic from the sea

Razer, which we know with game accessories, introduced the collection of clothes made with plastics extracted from the sea.

Razer, which we know mostly with player accessories and different equipment, has recently signed different projects to increase the awareness of users. The company, which previously took some actions to save trees, has now signed a different project to draw attention to the plastic piles accumulated in the seas. Razer has launched a clothing collection created with plastics extracted from the sea. The company’s explanation and details on this issue are as follows;

Razer introduces Kanagawa Wave collection

Razer collects clothes with plastic from the sea

Razer today introduced the Kanagawa Wave Apparel collection, which is produced in a limited edition with materials created from recycled marine plastics. Decorated with a stylized interpretation of the work of the famous Great Wave off Kanagawa, the clothing line is designed to emphasize the pollution emitted by marine plastics. It will fund efforts to reduce marine plastic to protect the oceans and their inhabitants.

Fans will have to be fast

Collection, 7 April 2021 05 with extremely limited amounts of time in Turkey: 00 (19:00 PDT) will be sold, so act quickly fans who want to seize this special Kanagawa Wave series and the waves to be informed about when to break He needs to visit razer.com/gear-and-apparel/kanagawa-wave. Considering Razer’s previous apparel collection “A GAMING APE” sold out in minutes, fans are encouraged to register early to avoid missing out on this new collection.

Including hooded sweatshirts, t-shirts, undershirts, shorts, and hats, every item in the line is made using high-quality fabrics made from 100% recycled marine plastics. The fabrics are produced under a broader program to extract marine plastic from the seas and turn them into useful products that now include Razer’s stylish Kanagawa Wave Apparel.

Razer collects clothes with plastic from the sea

About 11 million tons of plastic enter the oceans each year, seriously endangering marine life and putting it at risk into the food chain. To help further mitigate the problem, revenue from the Kanagawa Wave collection will be spent on recovery of marine plastics in some parts of the world’s most affected coastline and marine life. For each product sold in this collection, Razer will fund the recovery of 1kg of marine plastic.

The Kanagawa Wave Apparel sale is the second of Razer’s recently announced environmentally focused initiatives under the #GoGreenWithRazer banner. It is the continuation of the highly successful ongoing Conservation Program led by Razer’s Sneki Snek mascot, which now aims to save 1,000,000 trees, exceeding the goal of saving 100,000 trees.

Through this and other upcoming initiatives and actions Razer; Involve and mobilize the community to help preserve nature and ensure that the world remains an arena where we can all continue to play wants.

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