Rainbow Six Siege Y6S2 yeni operatörü Thunderbird ve daha fazlası

Rainbow Six Siege Y6S2 new operator Thunderbird and more

Ubisoft’s popular FPS game, Rainbow Six Siege Y6S2, greets Northstar with its new operator and many changes! The new season is like a bomb!

As Merlin’s Winner, we had the chance to see what awaits Rainbow Six Siege players in the new season by being included in a presentation by Ubisoft. It will appear under the name of Operation Northstar Rainbow Six Siege Y6S2 (year 6, season 2) brings with it a great operator named Thunderbird and many innovations. Finally, Favela, which is not preferred by players in competitive matches but is a very beautiful map, is also renewed and there are many changes in terms of balancing. Especially if you die without knowing where you were shot in the game and then go crazy like me when you see the opponent who shot you through a tiny bullet hole in the wall, get close!

Rainbow Six Siege Y6S2 – Operation Northstar

Operation Northstar will be the second season of the 6th year of the game and it is already on the horizon. In the new season, there is a sweet or sweet support or support operator named Thunderbird, and it will probably become a favorite of many players, even because of the weapons it can use. Also, the Favela map, which nobody likes very much and I love, returns at the end in all its glory. Let’s talk about the operator of the new season first and then other details.

Thunderbird, the new operator of Northstar

Thunderbird is the only operator of the new season that can be played on the defender side. As you know, Ubisoft has been bringing new operators to the attacking side for one season and to the defender side for one season, instead of bringing in pairs for the last few seasons. The new operator this season is Thunderbird, which is very fast but also fragile. With a speed of three units, the operator’s armor value is only one unit. This makes it a fragile but also predatory defensive character. Thanks to its mobility, it can be used to hunt enemies trying to enter the mission area, as Jager did.

Rainbow Six Siege Y6S2 new operator Thunderbird and more

One of the things that makes Thunderbird special is that it is actually a support operator. It has a special device that can heal other players just like Doc. The special device called Kona Station is turned on shortly after it is placed in a suitable place and a certain range is marked. Any operator within this range – including the opposing team’s operators – gains 30 HP with a healing cannon launched by the Kona Station. After Kona launches this ball, it enters the cooldown, while defenders can see how much time is left on the device. Attack operators who want to use this to their advantage should wait until they see a blue light on the top of the device.

The device needs to be used with care because Thunderbird can support the opposing team without it. When placing the Kona Station, the points that the opponent cannot reach should be selected, if possible. In addition, the device could be broken by an accident bullet from the opponent.

Rainbow Six Siege Y6S2 new operator Thunderbird and more

As a defender, Thunderbird has both a very fast assault rifle. This makes him an operator who, like Jager, can quickly place Kona Stations in specific locations and attack enemies trying to enter the mission area. In addition to the SPEAR .308 assault rifle, the SPAS-15 automatic shotgun is among the main weapons available to the new operator. Of course, users who want to defend the region to the end can use it very well to create a threat to the opponent. As a secondary weapon, it has an automatic gun that will go very well especially with the SPAS-15. The automatic pistol named BEARING 9 promises an automatic firepower for players using SPAS. Of course, the Q-929 can also be used for low bounce and high consistency.

Favela renewed in Rainbow Six Siege Y6S2

The Favela map, which is generally banned in competitive matches and has always been more advantageous for the attacking side, is finally renewed. The new Favela map, which will no longer be broken immediately, also has many visual improvements and tactical changes. Some entrances have been closed to prevent defenders from being cornered, and some fragile walls have been made unbreakable. Although I also love the old Favela map, I was really fascinated when I had the chance to enter and play the new one. Of course, I’m a bit of the design, but any Rainbow Six Siege player who has suffered from the favela will immediately feel the tactical changes.

Rainbow Six Siege Y6S2 new operator Thunderbird and more

In addition to all these tactical changes, the landscape of the Christ the Redeemer is also changing in size. Fireworks explode around the statue at the Favela at night, and I can say that this is a visual feast. Also, the noise of the fireworks is beautifully designed to allow the defenders inside to move a little more easily. The former Favela, which has become a torment for defenders, looks set to survive this notoriety in the Rainbow Six Siege Y6S2.

Rainbow Six Siege Y6S2 new operator Thunderbird and more

A few highly effective improvements are also coming with the Rainbow Six Siege Y6S2

In the coming period, a few more features that users expect most for Rainbow Six Siege will be added to the game. One of them will be that the location where your dying teammates died can be seen with the help of a small icon. Although it could be seen where he died for a short time before, an icon was not created for his surviving teammates. This, in turn, could lead to great confusion if team communication was disconnected and tactically lock the game. Now, when you or a teammate is killed by the enemy, an icon will appear in the death zone and I can say tactically this is a good improvement.

In addition, gun bullets no longer make a hole in breakable walls through which the rear is visible in one shot. In this way, the enemy who sees you through a tiny hole while passing by any wall will not be able to pull your plug in an instant. Instead, the bullet trails will now turn into black spots and you will have to spend a few bullets to break the wall. However, not all of them will break, only the first layer will break, and you will have to squeeze as many bullets into the second layer. However, when you do a melee attack, you will be able to drill a hole through the wall from which you can see.

Rainbow Six Siege Y6S2 new operator Thunderbird and more

No, lying behind the glass and waiting for carp!

However, the windows of operators such as Mira, which creates a one-sided surface on the wall, will become a surface that no longer gives an image with the first melee blow they receive. This includes bulletproof cameras. The glass in front of it will shatter, preventing these surfaces and devices from giving an image. In bulletproof cameras, the glass will open to both sides and still give an image, but if it is fired at this time, the device will explode. For this reason, it is useful to be careful when using it.

Rainbow Six Siege Y6S2 new operator Thunderbird and more

In addition, one of the content to be added to the game in the upcoming period is the post-death camera. In general, we could only understand from what side or how we were killed, if we were not in a mutual conflict, only in the posthumous repetition camera. After dying with a small edit that comes in, the camera will expand to the back of our character and we will be able to see our surroundings one last time, then again the death replay will be shown. In this way, I can say that a change has come that will make it easier for us to make forward-looking notes while analyzing our position is actually wrong. If you are in the competitive aspect of the game, you have to pay attention to all of these.

Rainbow Six Siege Y6S2 aka. Northstar sounds like a bomb. For now, this is all I will tell you about the new season. What do you think about the new operator and changes? Do not forget to mention your opinion in the comments.

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