PUBG 10.3 güncellemesi tüm platformlarda çıktı

PUBG 10.3 update released on all platforms

PUBG 10.3 patch, which adds map improvements and some innovations in gameplay, came to all platforms after PC servers.

PUBG 10.3 The update was released on all platforms after the PC platform. With the 10.3 patch, some improvements are added to the game as well as map improvements. The company’s statement and contents about the 10.3 patch are as follows;

PUBG 10.3 patch released

The beginning of Season 10 introduced a seasonal map called Haven. With Update 10.3, the season is enriched with new features such as various performance upgrades and a new weapon sound selection system, some lighting improvements for Karakin and team emotes. To all patch notes from hereYou can access the latest update video below. You can find information about the new features below;

Karakin Map Improvements: In Karakin, lighting improvements were made, all lighting was arranged and each area was given its own unique feel and emphasis. Additionally, general bug fixes will improve the player experience across the entire map.

Weapon Sound Selection System: Players can choose from original and remastered versions of selected weapon sounds, including the M249, M416, Kar98k, and SKS. All the players have to do is click the Audio tab in the Settings menu and set their preferences.

Sending Emotes to Your Teammates: Certain emotes can now be used in sync with teammates. Synchronize emotes with players within a 15-meter radius of your character. Players can view each emoticon and the maximum number of players that can sync with you at the same time under the Customize, Emotes tab in the main menu.

Reputation System Update: The reputation system introduced with Update 10.2 has been implemented to determine if a player is behaving well towards others. The system has been updated so that if players leave a match in the starting area before boarding, their reputation will not be adversely affected. (Applies to regular games only, not ranked games.)

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