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PlayStation Communities feature being removed

Sony announced that the PlayStation Communities feature will be removed, although it is still used by thousands of people. Changes are on the way.

Sony, although there are thousands of active users PlayStation 4 communities feature closing. They decided to unplug the social interaction feature that tens of thousands of players still use on PlayStation. There must be a logical reason why Sony unplugged such an important feature.

Sony unplugs PlayStation Communities feature

After nearly 8 years, Sony has now made the decision to unplug the PS4 communities feature. The Communities section was a social interaction platform where players could come together and communicate, and voice chat as in Discord. This area, where we can share screenshots and text messages, is from PlayStation 4. being removed. Previously, players used this section to discuss details, learn how to complete certain missions, discover new content, or even find new friends. Now Sony is unplugging this PlayStation Communities feature. attracts.

Sony’nin PlayStation Network An e-mail sent to his users contains the following statements:

PlayStation Communities feature being removed

“Thank you for using the Communities feature on your PlayStation 4 console. As of April 2021, this feature will no longer be supported or available on your PS4 console. However, you will still be able to stay connected and enjoy messaging features on your PS4 console or the PlayStation App.”

If Sony needs something, it’s buying its console and connecting the players playing. Considering this, we can say that this is really surprising news. However, it is also a fact that the PlayStation Communities feature is not as popular as it used to be. Although many parts are still actively used, such as the official Assassin’s Creed community, the average drops considerably when it is spread out.

Another possibility is that Sony will replace this feature with something else. However, even if such a thing happens, the question of how long it will be is open to discussion. Because the players have been using and found for years In PS4 communities They could find teammates, chat and share screenshots about their favorite games. All of this will now be gone in April 2021. Why Sony removed such an important feature, it seems, will soon emerge. They also announced that TV and movie content will no longer be sold on PlayStation Store. Well, have you ever used this feature on your console? Do not forget to share your views in the comments section below.

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