PlayStation Discord ile iş birliğini duyurdu

PlayStation announces collaboration with Discord

With the PlayStation Discord agreement, the communication service will be available to PS users from the first months of next year.

With a statement by Sony Playstation Discord officially announced the cooperation. In a statement made by Sony Interactive Entertainment, it was stated that a new cooperation was signed with Discord, the popular communication service, that will bring social experiences to PlayStation as of the beginning of next year. In order to strengthen this cooperation, SIE also shared that they invested in Discord on their H series investment tour. Although it is not yet known how the operation will be, we can say that this investment and cooperation will begin to bear fruit for Playstation users from the first months of 2022.

PlayStation Discord collaboration announced

PlayStation announces collaboration with Discord

As you know, Discord application, which was first released in May 2015, is moving towards being one hand on the PC side. Apart from the voice chat feature, Discord, which has very successful features such as room creation and community management, has also become the hand of PC gamers. Here Sony, with its investment in Discord on the Playstation side, offers this application to console owners aims to present. As we said, it is still a mystery how the system will be integrated into Playstation consoles, but it is also stated in the statement that this process will be activated in less than a year.

This statement also brought the community statement on the Playstation side to the agenda. As you may remember, Sony made a statement for a while and announced that it was removing the Community feature from consoles. This is also considered as a reason for the investment and planning made on Discord. On the other hand, the Microsoft company wanted to buy Discord a while ago, but this purchase did not happen. Finally, let’s also mention that the monthly active user number of Discord is close to 150 million.

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