House Flipper oyununa evcil hayvanlar ekleniyor

Pets are added to House Flipper game

House Flipper, in which you repair the houses, shine and sell them, is now releasing a DLC package for our little friends, pets.

This must be one of our favorite features of indie productions. Regardless of the type of games, they can say “Let’s add this” when they hit their heads. In this news, we are also faced with such a developer. A game that we normally care for and sell homes in ruins House Flipper. Now they have decided to add pets to the game with a new update. Because why not?

House Flipper gets colored with pets

We have started to see our little friends in games more often for a while. It started to feature our lovely friends in big and small productions. Sometimes it can even be a fox – as in Ghost of Tsushima. Of course, it is pleasing to see our lovely friends in games with warm little touches. Now, “Okay, where did this come from now?” An update of the kind is coming. House Flipper will release a new DLC pack that includes several types of pets.

House Flipper is an independent production where we manhandle the ruined houses, so to speak, and then sell them and look our way. In fact, we can say that it is a complete family game. In this game, where we can change everything from the structure of the house in detail to the structure of the house, we can make it beautiful and sell it with our own unique touches, now there will be pets. We will be able to fill our shining house with parrots, rabbits, dogs, hamsters and turtles.

In addition, the new expansion will include 10 new farm-themed properties in addition to pets, as well as 150 new items. Probably some of these items will be for pets. As you can see in the trailer, it is even possible to build a dog kennel for dogs. In the Steam release They define it as follows:

Pets are added to House Flipper game

“In Cozy Village you will be able to create a safe haven for your team of happy animals. Prepare your new place by making sure all the necessities such as playgrounds, water and food containers are available! The more you take care of people’s pets, the more they will trust you, which will make your profit. increases. “

Frankly, I also played House Flipper for a short time. I can say that it is a very enjoyable and distracting production. If you are good with indie games, it promises you a nice experience.

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