PlayStation özel oyunları için PC yolu gözüküyor

PC path appears for PlayStation exclusive games

SIE CEO Jim Ryan said in an interview that ‘a few things have changed’, he gave the message that the way to PC for PlayStation exclusive games appears.

PlayStation plans to bring a “complete game roster” to the PC, starting with Days Gone this spring. Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan, GQ “Making a game for the PC is now a pretty simple decision,” he said in an interview with, referring to the ease of port process as well as the opportunity to bring PlayStation IPs to a wider audience. It seems that this wave that started with Days Gone means that some PS4 exclusive games are also coming to the PC platform. is coming.

PlayStation games are slowly starting to come to the PC platform, good news for those who do not have a console!

When asked why SIE is now embracing the PC platform, Jim Ryan, who was previously hesitant to bring his games to this platform, “I guess a few things have changedIf we consider that today’s big budget games want to appear on multiple platforms at the same time and appear in many markets, this will be a completely economic decision.

“In early 2021, we see that our development studios and their games are doing better than ever. Especially since the second half of the PS4 generation, our studios have created some great games. Time is not easy. As the caliber of IP improves, the cost of making games increases with each cycle. “

PC path appears for PlayStation exclusive games

“We’ve also increased the ease of making – games – available to gamers on non-console platforms. So this decision is pretty straightforward for us,” said Jim Ryan. Of course, the first impression that this is an economic decision is due to Nielsen’s. SuperDataResearchcomes from. Horizon Zero Dawn, the first modern release from PlayStation games to come to PC, sold a total of 716,000 copies digitally in August. With this success, Sony will have noticed that it is quite profitable to release the games twice.

Jim Ryan, who also measures the pulse of the PlayStation community for PC ports, is very satisfied with the result. “We also took into account what the PlayStation community thought about it,” he says, rather than the success of the PC port for Horizon Zero Dawn. In other words, they have measured the reactions of people to the release of some games that are released exclusively to their consoles and make the device valuable. The result shows that this is not a problem for the PlayStation community. “So we will continue to take steps in this mission,” says Jim Ryan, pointing to the PC platform for more PS games.

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