PUBG Sezon 11 ile Paramo haritası geri dönüyor

Paramo map returns with PUBG Season 11

With the PUBG Season 11, the Paramo map, which gained the appreciation of the players, is back and many innovations are on the way. Details are in our news.

PUBG Season 11 will start soon. In the new season, players will meet many different content, such as the returning Paramo map, the new ranked season and the emergency rescue balloon. Krafton Inc. Season 11 for the game, which is developed by, begins on PC on 31 March and consoles on 8 April. Let’s examine the details of the new season together.

PUBG Season 11: Paramo returns!

First introduced in Season 9 in October 2020 Paramo returns with new gameplay mechanics. Updates to Paramo include ground improvements with the addition of extra space protection, an expanded dynamic world system that replaces key landmarks between matches, increased item spawn rates in the Secret Room and Relief Pack Helicopter, and the ability to create custom games with the map. In addition, the new PUBG: New State game pre-registrations have exceeded 5 million.

However, Season 11 includes several updates and new mechanics to help players navigate the map more easily and showcase their favorite in-game achievements.

Paramo map returns with PUBG Season 11

? New Ranked Season: As of PUBG Season 11, Ranked Seasons will continue for a period of two months, so these seasons will no longer work in parallel with Survivor Passes. For this reason, regulations were made regarding how the awards will be distributed. In addition, the spawn rates of all weapons have been increased on all maps to more closely match the rates seen in PUBG’s Esports mode.

? Emergency Rescue Balloon: A new transport vehicle has been added that allows players and their teams to quickly move from the battlefield to the next safe zone. With Emergency Rescue, players can fire a high-altitude Fulton Balloon. After the balloon is fully inflated, a plane will arrive to pick up players within 60 seconds. When the plane arrives, up to four players will be boarded and moved towards the center of the White Zone until they decide to parachute to the battlefield below. Although this item is heavy and can attract more attention from nearby enemies, it can be used to escape the Blue Zone, quickly cross enemy-controlled territory, or loot a distant location to find powerful gear. The Emergency Rescue Balloon is a lootable item found only on Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, and Vikendi.

Paramo map returns with PUBG Season 11

? Mastery Medals: To improve the way players track and highlight key in-game achievements, PUBG Season 11 brings updates to the Mastery Medal system. There are now 10 new medals that can be earned through various battlefield achievements, such as the “So Close” medal, which is tied to combat situations, survival and tough survival. Mastery Medals can be obtained in both Regular and Ranked matches, but cannot be earned in Arcade, Lab or Special matches.

? PUBG ID: Regarding the Master Medal update, players will now be able to showcase the medals they have earned as part of the revamped PUBG ID. In addition to adding up to two medals, players can make additional moves to customize their PUBG ID via the Customization tab.

You can also watch the 11.1 patch report video, which will come in the new season of PUBG, right below. Also, players who want to try the new season in advance can try it on the test servers as of today. To read the full patch notes you can click here. Let’s repeat, PUBG Season 11 starts on March 31 for PC and April 8 for consoles!

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