GTA V yükleme süresini %70 kısaltan optimizasyon

Optimization that reduces the GTA V load time by 70%!

An optimization code has been released for Grand Theft Auto V and GTA Online, which has been the subject of waves with load times for years, that reduces load times by 70 percent.

Almost 7 years the subject of waves GTA V load time good news for players who suffer from it. If you’re tired of watching the same loading screens for minutes over the years, you will simply be able to fix this problem. The optimization code published on Github by a user called tostercx shorten the loading screens by almost 70%. Very simply! Finally someone has achieved this …

Optimization code that reduces the GTA V load time by 70%

A user finally did what was expected for GTA V, which was hugely popular, especially after it was distributed for free on the Epic Games Store. The optimization code published on Github under the Tostercx username simply reduces the loading screen times by 70%. Be warned though, this edited code is not for everyday use, but as an experimental study yet. After making a backup of your game records, it is beneficial to try it. where.

The loading screens were loading all of the items in the game, so we encountered times that exceeded almost six minutes. Now we’re simplifying the process with this kind of mod released. It’s a JSON file containing 63,000 items and some of the game’s code has been optimized. This allows you to load objects during the game, not while loading the game. Simply when an object is found, the JSON file is controlled by the processor, and this process is repeated every time an object is found. Developer tostercx estimates that this resulted in approximately 1,984,531,500 checks. To install on Github and find out how to install you can click here.

Optimization that cuts the GTA V load time by 70%

Of course, because the processor of tostercx does all these operations with only one core, there was a great bottleneck here as well. However, after optimizing the code, the processor can use more than one core in this task, which prevents both bottlenecks and incredibly short load times. GTA V load time after this edit only 50 seconds takes up. Also, tostercx claims that this drop was done very simply and could fix it “in less than a day for a developer” on Rockstar. It seems that Rockstar Games will focus on the issue on this suggestion. Because in the vanilla version of the game, the loading screens take unbearably long.

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