Açık dünya türündeki Pokemon Legends Arceus duyuruldu

Open-world Pokemon Legends Arceus announced

Nintendo announced the new Pokemon game, which is expected and has open world dynamics at a special presentation organized for the 25th anniversary of the series.

A special for the 25th anniversary of the series from Nintendo official Pokemon channel presentation realized and Pokemon: Legends Arceus It made many announcements, especially. Now let’s have a brief look at what was shown in this special presentation.

New Pokemon games announced

When we count down to 1996 and Pokemon Opening was made with a special video showing the history of the series Also in this video Pokemon In addition to the games, there are also accessories specially designed for these games. Among these accessories, we see many gameplay innovations including Wireless Link, USB Adapter and Ball Controller. Of course, the Pokemon Go game, which has affected the whole world in this historical process, has not been missed. In short, we can say that with its festivals, accessories, books and movies, we can say that the Pokemon brand is effective.

After this video, the new Pokemon Snap game, which was previously announced, was shown with a short presentation. In this game, where we will go to deserts, woodlands and even underwater for our research, we will also showcase our photography skills. Of course, there will be a rating system for the photos we take and an online process that we can share with other players.

Open-world Pokemon Legends Arceus announced

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond ve Shining Pearl geliyor

The first of the new announcements was the remake of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl games. Pokemon Brilliant Diamond ve Shining Pearl It is also stated that this game, which is called, will be released at the end of 2021. The renewed version of the game previously released for DS will of course meet with Switch players. With the improved visuals and more modern dynamics, we see that the game is handled faithfully to the original.

Open-world Pokemon Legends Arceus announced

Pokemon Legends Arceus announced

New expected after these announcements Pokemon Legends Arceus game was also announced. We witness that Pokemon roam freely in the game, which has an open world gameplay. As you can fight them, you will also have the chance to sneak up and catch them. It has been announced that the Pokemon Legends Arceus game will take place in the Sinnoh region, just like the Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl games. Pokemon Legends Arceus game, which is stated to add a new experience to the series, will appear in the first months of 2022.

Open-world Pokemon Legends Arceus announced

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