Dying Light 2 için bu hafta resmi detaylar geliyor

Official details for Dying Light 2 coming this week

Eventually, developer Techland has made an official decision about Dying Light 2 and the developer update is coming next week.

Thank God! Finally Dying Light 2 Someone from its developer Techland decided to come out and say something about the game. Last night DL2 picture Twitter A post on his account points out to the next week that we will hear something about the game. After a long silence from the developer and our saying “I think it is going back to a snake story” for the game, such an explanation was good. What we know about the production, whose release date was postponed until an uncertain date, is really limited. Let’s see if Techland can overcome the phobia of putting the second game in a series?

New news for Dying Light 2 coming on Wednesday

The developer gave the date March 17, 2021 for new news with the post he shared on his Twitter account. There is a history about the game where we can finally hear something new. As you know, we heard some really disappointing things about the game lately. Twenty Techland employees left the company within two months due to the developers’ disagreement with senior management. Hearing this for Dying Light 2, which has already been postponed to an uncertain date, made us say “I think it’s dead game”. Now, the developer will come out and tell you about new things with an update they will release on March 17th.

Official details for Dying Light 2 coming this week

Indeed, Techland has a curse for a second game in a series. You know, we talked about this in our “Dead Island 2 and its sad story” article. While the developer can publish content such as side games and expansion packs to the series, it gets stuck when it comes to typing “2” next to a game. Although they gained the confidence of the players about zombie games, they always failed in sequel games. While the fans were waiting for new news for Dying Light 2, we learned that things were badly mixed in the studio. Before, the construction phase was finished and we were saying “good news may come”. We will finally hear new news, maybe a release date, on Wednesday, March 17th.

According to the latest news, there is a tremendous disagreement in the studio between the top management and the developers. The developers’ claims are that top management does not respect the opinions of talented people. In fact, all arrows point directly to CEO Pawel Marchewka. Of course, there was no defense or explanation from him regarding this issue. For details, you can read our news on the subject by clicking here.

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