Nvidia, GeForce Now konusunda geri adım attı

Nvidia takes a step back on GeForce Now

Nvidia stepped back for GeForce Now powered by Game +, which garnered great reactions on the internet with the first price and then the mandatory transition decision.

The topic, which has been a topic of discussion on the internet for a long time, has been clarified by Nvidia. Now users do not want to use services from the GeForce Turkey, will continue to receive services in the European server. server to Turkey step back in mandatory transition decision. Also overseas servers or servers for users who want to switch to Turkey during the first year subscription fee will be 50 Turkish Lira.

Nvidia GeForce Now forced switch decision removed

Nvidia recently announced in cooperation with Turkcell GeForce Now powered by Game +first became the subject of controversy because of its price. Then they decided to spend the required users to Turkey in the European servers, such as server not good enough for all that. Nvidia, which has received strong reactions from both publishers and gamers on the internet, seems to have taken a step back in this regard. They talked about the changes with the announcement they made last night.

Founder account that players in the European server will no longer make their own choices about whether to pass into Turkey servers. If they want to come, their monthly fee will be 50 Turkish Liras during the first year. For users who want to get 74.9 per month premium membership subscription server in Turkey with price selling.

It came to the agenda first with its prices, then with its moves

In cooperation with Turkcell Turkey servers drop GeForce Now service had a great response due to its prices in the first place. When purchased with euros from the European server services from the appropriate server than the price in Turkey, he had also taken a radical decision on it. Users with active membership in the European server, would be passed on to any server options sunulmaksız of Turkey. This was probably the last straw, as the reactions grew like an avalanche and reached Nvidia.

Nvidia takes a step back on GeForce Now

The statement made last night comes from NVidia, Game + keeps its silent on the subject. As a result, the switch has been turned into a matter of preference to Turkey from Europe server case. The reaction of the players has paid off.

What is this service?

Nvidia GeForce Now is a subscription system that allows you to play games from Nvidia’s high-speed computers via streaming. Simply by purchasing this subscription if you own the game, you are streaming the game to yourself from Nvidia’s remote computer. This allows you to play games that your system is not enough for. How much internet do I need for GeForce Now? If you say, you need to have at least 25mbps internet speed for a smooth experience.

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