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NVidia Studio artificial intelligence supported features announced

NVidia Studio AI-powered features announced to accelerate the RTX side and accelerate creative applications faster and significantly.

NVIDIA StudioThe latest AI-powered features featured in the most popular creative apps in March, accelerated by NVIDIA RTX and dramatically accelerating the digital creative process announced.

NVidia Studio speeds up creative applications

Adobe’s Super Resolution is now available in Adobe Camera Raw and is coming soon to Lightroom and Lightroom Classic. This new feature increases the apparent resolution of an image, preserving important details while cleaning edges and intelligently enlarges photos.

DaVinci Neural Engine improvements in Blackmagic Design’s DaVinci Resolve 17 make it easy to create as well as new tools like the Magic Mask that effortlessly select and remove people from the background.

NVidia Studio artificial intelligence supported features announced

To spend less time on editing, Scene Edit Detection, recently introduced in the beta version of Adobe Premiere Pro, is optimized by NVIDIA GPUs to quickly detect and tag cuts in final video files. This feature eliminates lengthy manual editing sessions and when it’s time to export, the built-in NVIDIA encoder in NVIDIA GeForce GPUs handles high resolution video up to 5 times more than the CPU alone.

AI-powered noise reduction (denoising) in Blender is a process that predicts final images from partially processed results when designing in the viewport. This feature allows users to discover new ideas and iterate their design choices quickly seeing how they will result.

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