'Nintendo Switch Pro' may support Nvidia DLSS

‘Nintendo Switch Pro’ may support Nvidia DLSS

It has also been reported that the Nintendo Switch Pro version, which has been on the agenda with increasing rumors, will support Nvidia DLSS technology.

Nintendo Switch Pro version has become an increasingly powerful rumor lately. The Pro version of the Switch, which is said to support 4K and broadcast with a larger screen, is now on the agenda with Nvidia DLSS technology. New reports have begun to provide more and more detailed information about Nintendo’s new advanced console.

Nintendo Switch Pro will support DLSS

BloombergA new report from http://www.instagram.com includes more details about an improved version of the Switch that is said to be released later this year. According to the report, Switch Pro will adopt the NVidia chip and will be released with a better CPU and increased memory along with the new chipset. It will also have better processing power with improved graphics. It is also said to support Nvidia DLSS technology.

Nvidia DLSS technology uses a special technology for RTX graphics cards and artificial intelligence to increase the resolution of games. In this way, it provides the balance of quality and performance by fixing the frame rate to 60 in high resolutions. If you haven’t read it yet, you can reach our informative article about Ray Tracing and DLSS by clicking here.

Previously for Nintendo Switch Pro OLED screen We shared the information that it would be equipped and stronger in this sense. According to some sources, this new panel will also support 4K resolution graphics when paired with televisions. While these remain rumors without an official announcement yet, the console’s falling out of competition may be forcing Nintendo to make such a move.

'Nintendo Switch Pro' may support Nvidia DLSS

These new OLED panels in question will consume less battery compared to the current screen of the Switch. Yoshio Tamura, co-founder of Display Consultancy DSCC, has previously made some statements on this issue. If you haven’t read our news about the Switch Pro, let’s say some details are waiting for you there. You can also watch Zelda’s video recorded with 8K ray tracing by clicking here to have an idea of ​​what Nintendo games will look like with ray tracing and high resolution in the future.

What is Nvidia DLSS?

In Turkish, “Super-sampling technology supported by deep learning is used to create higher resolution images of original low resolution images with the help of artificial intelligence. This feature, which provides high resolution performance increase in games, was developed by Nvidia and On RTX series cards works. It is rumored to be in the Nintendo Switch Pro version as well. We will follow the developments closely and try to deliver them to you in the fastest way possible.

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