Yeni güncelleme Microsoft Flight Simulator dosya boyutunu yarıya indiriyor

New update halves Microsoft Flight Simulator file size

Microsoft and Asobo are surprising with their new update, but Microsoft Flight Simulator halves the file size

Microsoft Flight Simulator A very interesting update has been released for The reason we call it interesting is that with this update, the file size of the game has been halved. With the new compression methods and optimization, Microsoft and Asobo have reduced the file size of the game to 83 GB after the update they released.

Microsoft Flight Simulator file size reduced to 81 GB

New update halves Microsoft Flight Simulator file size

Microsoft Flight Simulator is one of the most successful games of the last period. We can say that the game gets full points, especially from simulation lovers. Microsoft, which managed to transfer real images to the game thanks to the Bing engine, managed to lay the whole world under the feet of the players and, thanks to innovations such as cloud technology, managed to bring the game as close to reality as possible. Of course, we exceeded the extent of the game, the biggest problem especially in countries like ours was the file size. Here is an incredible reduction in file size with the new update focused on this situation. Signed.

The file size of Microsoft Flight Simulator, which previously had a file size of 170 GB, has been reduced to 81 GB after the last update. In other words, when we compare it with the previous situation, we see a decrease of 89 GB. Now, when you need to download the game, we can say that 81 GB will be enough. Microsoft, on the other hand, refrained from making a statement about how this decrease, which it passed as some optimizations, was made. However, let us remind you that even if you download the game from 81 to 83 GB, the space it will occupy in the storage area will be close to 150 GB.

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