Rainbow Six Siege geliştirici ekibinden Amazon çatısı altında yeni proje

New project from Rainbow Six Siege developer team under Amazon roof

Key names from the Rainbow Six Siege developer team will develop a project at a new studio to be set up by Amazon in Montreal.

In the Rainbow Six Siege development team A group of developers, including the game’s former creative director, have taken over a new project. The team, united under the umbrella of Amazon Games, will work at the Amazon Montreal studio. On an “IP Based online multiplayer” project in the new studio they will work.

New project from Rainbow Six Siege developer team!

The name of the newly established studio has not yet been clarified. Its founding members include production director Luc Bouchard, creative director Xavier Marquis, brand manager Alexandre Remy, and narrative director Romain Rimokh, who worked hard to bring the Rainbow Six Siege game to these days.

This team, united under the umbrella of Amazon, has taken over a new project. The new project is described as an “IP-based online multiplayer game”. The project, whose details or release date have not been published yet, is currently under development. Amazon says this project is just one of its unannounced projects. This means that we will receive more new game announcements from this side in the upcoming period.

Comprises of the Amazon Montreal Rainbow Six Siege team

Amazon Games will install and From Rainbow Six Siege developers this studio will take place in Montreal. It will also work in collaboration with Amazon’s other development studios in Orange County and San Diego. Cristoph Hartmann, vice president of Amazon Games, said the following about the new studio:

“We are confident that the Montreal team’s skills in developing multiplayer games will meet Amazon’s desire to create online games that will be the best in their class.”

Xavier Marquis, the creative director of the new studio, said:

“Based on our 8 years of experience with Rainbow Six: Siege, we are excited to have the freedom to create a completely unique experience in the multiplayer space. Thanks to the Amazon Games team’s approach to games and their know-how, we have managed to establish a strong bond with the team. we couldn’t be more excited. “

Amazon seems to have taken over a new online game project after the Crucible case. These are all the details we have on the subject for now, we will try to inform you as quickly as possible as there are new developments.

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