Hood: Outlaws and Legends için yeni oynanış videosu yayınlandı

New gameplay video released for Outlaws and Legends

The Ranger class is introduced in the new gameplay video released for Hood: Outlaws and Legends, inspired by the Robin Hood stories.

Hood: Outlaws and Legendsis a game inspired by the stories of Robin Hood, who gave the game its name. The production, which will offer a four-person adventure to the game lovers, will include different dynamics such as robbery missions and developing your camp as well as action dynamics. The new video of the game, in which we will control an illegal group, was released at the IGN Fan Fest event.

New video for Hood: Outlaws and Legends released

Hood: Outlaws and Legends In the game, you will go on missions as four people and try to rob people who are illegally prosperous in the region. Although this new video of the game shows the general dynamics, it focuses more on the new class being introduced. Just like Robin Hood, the Ranger class, which is a master in the use of arrows and bows, will be a very dangerous class, although it will be more remote support and watchdog to the team. The most important aspect of this class is, of course, the arrows that can land enemies with a single head shot. We will use these arrows to defeat enemies, as well as to throw a rope where our teammates can climb.

in the middle ages Hood: Outlaws and Legends The game will have both PVP and PVE dynamics. For PS5, Xbox Series X / S, PS4 and Xbox One except PC on May 10 will come out You can check out this new video of the game below.

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