Shadow Warrior 3 için yeni oynanış videosu geldi

New gameplay video for Shadow Warrior 3 has arrived

A new action-packed video has been released for Shadow Warrior 3, published by Devolver Digital and developed by Flying Wild Hog.

A new gameplay trailer has been released for Shadow Warrior 3, which seems to be the game of bad jokes and great music. In the video shared by IGN There are images that can give clues about our weapons and gameplay structure in the game. If you have played the previous games of the series, Shadow Warrior 3 looks quite fun with its familiar atmosphere and its completely new feel.

Shadow Warrior 3 gameplay video is quite animated

Obviously, you need to watch it over and over again to capture what happened in the new video. It is not difficult to predict that the game will have a story full of weapons and bad jokes in the production where the gameplay is quite fast. If you’ve played the first two games of Shadow Warrior, you know that the whole point of this game is to make fun of things. They also like to play the story from the back. Here is the new gameplay trailer released for Shadow Warrior 3!

This video, published for the production, which includes melee weapons as well as ranged weapons, focuses on the weapon called ‘Double Trouble’. At the same time, the gameplay footage in the episode called “Doomsday Device” reveals the episode and episode end monster. Again, it seems that we will fight in a very narrow section compared to the enemies around.

Shadow Warrior 3 double trouble silahı

However, our character also has some special abilities in the game. At the same time, environmental interactions will also appear as an important part of the gameplay, as in the previous games of the series. The new game of the series, which shows with its visual effects and animations, also allows us to influence the episode with some tools that we will gain from the enemies. As you can see after 0:30 in the video, our character, who left a kind of freezing effect on the ground with the eyes of an enemy he killed, protected himself from intense enemy attacks for a while. In this sense, we can say that it will be a fast and abundant enemy destruction game.

Developed by a group of talented nerds working at Flying Wild Hog and published by Devolver Digital, which they say “They pay the bills at least”, the game will be published on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC platforms. No release date has been announced for Shadow Warrior 3 yet. So did you like the game? Do not forget to mention your opinion in the comments.

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