Returnal için detayları gösteren yeni oynanış fragmanı

New gameplay trailer showing details for Returnal

Among the PS5 games shown at the State of Play presentation last night, a new gameplay trailer was released for Returnal. Includes clues to the story.

A new gameplay trailer was released last night for Returnal, developed by Housemarque with Unreal Engine 4. The upcoming indie games for PlayStation are heavily shown State of Play The trailer published for the game at the event contains many details. The psychological horror game in the third person shooter genre looks quite impressive and is not long before it comes out.

The new trailer for Returnal with story and gameplay details looks pretty good

When we look at the general table, Returnal, which stands out with its brutal structure and new generation graphics, is developed by Housemarque. Using the power of Unreal Engine 4 game engine technology, the graphics of the production look very good for the new generation. You can find the new trailer for the game, which stands out with its complex and mysterious story, right below this paragraph.

In Returnal, our main character, Selene, will be under our control. The story begins with our character falling on the planet Atropos after receiving mysterious signals named “White Shadow”. Players will first explore the remote corners of this dark planet they fall into and seek answers here. Let’s underline that the fights and game mechanics are very fast. On the planet Atropos, a highly challenging gaming experience and thriller await players. The different types of enemies and your high maneuverability seem to help create your own style of play. Atmosphere and enemy designs are quite unusual and yet impressive it seems.

Also, the feeling that the game will keep us under constant pressure during the fights is quite obvious. Enemy attacks from everywhere herald a very stressful gaming experience. At the same time, when you die while playing Returnal, everything will actually start all over again. A lot of cinematics depicted between death and rebirth “Death Stranding“Let’s underline that it tastes good. The world changes every time you are reborn and the enemies come out in different places and in different numbers. This will prevent you from reciting easily for a second time in an episode where you die. In the words of the developer,” it will be a challenging experience, regardless of the circumstances “. .

New gameplay trailer showing details for Returnal

Again, we see that different weapons are used for different situations. The thunderbolt crowd control weapon, our regular firearm for individual enemies, and many different types of weapons are also in the game. PlayStation 5 exclusive game Returnal will be released on April 30, 2021.

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