Six Days in Fallujah: Irak

New FPS game set in Iraq

Six Days in Fallujah is a tactical FPS game about scenes from real operations in Iraq / Fallujah. A game that will cause an event …

Six Days in Fallujah it’s actually not a new game. That is all it reinvigorates the “hero America kills all its other enemies” theme that you can see on the market today. Set in Fallujah, Iraq, the play is about the war that took place there and the “heroism” of American soldiers. It has attracted attention with its closeness to the Call of Duty series and has already caused controversy. However, if we consider it as a game, its gameplay does not look bad.

The project, which Konami took his hand in 2009, has been silent for a long time. Then, producer Peter Tamte reappeared, presenting his own streaming company and information that the game will be released before the end of 2021. Yesterday IGN We can have a first impression of the game with the new gameplay trailer published by. Developer earlier this year “video games will challenge outdated stereotypes of what could be” had said. Of course, if you ask me, it does not look very different from any tactical FPS game.

Six Days In Fallujah, ‘heroes’ fighting in Fallujah, Iraq

In terms of its general appearance and animations, it looks like a production that stands out with its resemblance to the Call of Duty series. Uncovered by Modern Warfare in 2019 “Home cleaning“It’s reminiscent of their mission. They simply go into the buildings that you can understand only when you dive into it, and they call house cleaning to kill the terrorists here. Of course, as soon as you hear the terrorists in this game fighting with the shouts of” Allahu Akbar “, your perspective on the game may change. the American military scene pointing a gun at a civilian We see.

Six Days In Fallujah has modular maps that change every time. The layouts of the buildings, rooms and neighborhoods will appear differently each time you enter. This is said to be designed to create an unpredictable and uncertain environment “as in real war”. The moment you see that the person speaking at the beginning of the trailer says he is an American retired from the army and that there are Islamic elements in the trailer, you manage to capture the atmosphere of the so-called “real war”.

Six Days in Fallujah: New FPS game set in Iraq

In general, Six Days in Fallujah, which is a tactical FPS game, seems to be a “not very special” production as seen in the gameplay trailer. We knew that the game, which was shot down by Muslim players on the Internet, would cause an event. He’s right now. Yes, you may be angry and upset about this situation as much as I do, but please try to choose an appropriate language when expressing your views in the comments so that we can publish it. Very much love.

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