Epic Games Store için yeni özellikler ekleniyor

New features added for Epic Games Store

There are many new features coming to the Epic Games Store, including audio and text bands such as Discord. The platform improves its social aspect.

Good news for players who purchase games from the Epic Games Store or add free games to their library! Epic Games is working on perhaps the most prominent shortcomings of the platform. The digital game showcase, which has great deficiencies in social interaction, focuses on these. Towards the end of the last year, they also mentioned this in an article in which they examined the whole year and talked about future features.

New features on the way for the Epic Games Store

Epic Games Store New features are coming to increase social interaction for its users. Starting from this month, the platform will be updated in the coming period, so that players can interact more easily with each other. Epic published an via blog post He shared details about the new features to be added this month and in the upcoming period. Come, what awaits us in the upcoming period? Let’s take a look together.

This month the platform “Player CardsWhen you click on a friend in the social panel, the player card of that friend will be opened. On this card, you will be able to see your common friends and the accounts they are connected to. Also, when the “Groups” feature to be added in the future, you will be able to send a group invitation to the user through this card. You will also be able to customize your card.

New features added for Epic Games Store

Advanced Search“The feature will also be added this month. This feature promises a more efficient search system. When you call a user, you will get a better match with the number of your mutual friends. Also, if you have a pending game invite, you will be able to join the game directly without waiting by clicking the” Join “button. .

There is also a scaled-down view for the social panel. Previously we had to open a new window to open the “Friends” tab. From now on, we will be able to access the social panel by integrating into Epic Games Launcher, without having to open a new window. It is also now online.Do not botherHowever, as the whispers are not used much, they are left offline for now, but they state that they want to bring it with more improved functionality in the future.

What will come in the future?

Although not this month, in the upcoming period “GroupsWith this feature, users will be able to set up groups and make voice and text chat, just like in Discord. This means that we can chat directly while playing games without the need for a third party software.

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