Dying Light 2 için geliştiriciden yeni açıklama geldi

New developer announcement for Dying Light 2

As promised, Techland said new things about Dying Light 2 in a not-so-descriptive developer update released yesterday.

As you know, Techland recently said that it will release a developer update for Dying Light 2. It was exciting for the fans to hear this from the company that hasn’t said anything about the game for a long time. Some of us started to lose hope from the game, especially when it came to the news that the company was getting involved badly recently. Although the news coming now gives clues about the release date of the game, it is not fully satisfactory.

Dying Light 2 developer update

Developer Techland didn’t actually explain a lot of things with a video released yesterday. First, everyone from the crew went across the screen and read some comments written by impatient fans. In a comment, as we all started to think slowly, a player likened the fate of the game to Dead Island 2. After all the comments, they appeared in front of the camera as a team and said the following.

New developer announcement for Dying Light 2

“Okay folks, we got the message. We understand your curiosity about the game because you too are in Dying Light 2. as good as your dreams you want it to be. Yes, maybe your patience may have run out because you have been waiting a long time for news and updates from this game. “

“Dying Light 2 is a complex and gigantic project, we needed some time to fit our vision. Everyone here has been working hard to create a game that you can play for months. We’ll be ready to start talking about Dying Light 2 very soon.”

“The whole team needs what motivates us, your trust and support, especially at this time when things are tough for everyone. No matter how you express your feelings, we are proud to have loyal fans like you.”

Following these statements from the team, new gameplay images for the game were also released. On top of that, the game went further than uncertainty and “was postponed, but we don’t know?” the year for the release date we call was given. The game is aimed to be released within this year. There is no delay yet. You can watch the gameplay footage from the video above. So what do you think about the future of Techland and Dying Light series? Do not forget to share your views in the comments section below.

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