Battlefield VI duyuru tarihi için yeni detaylar geldi

New details available for Battlefield VI announcement date

New information has arrived for the Battlefield VI announcement date, which we expect to be announced in spring. It looks like it will be before us in May.

Battlefield VI announcement date Although not official, new information came for. According to the assumptions, EA and DICE are preparing to announce the game to players in May. You know that in a previous report, we said that the announcement could come in the spring period.

Marking May for Battlefield VI announcement date

GamesBeat’tan Jeff GrubAccording to Electronic Arts, it aims to announce the game ahead of the E3 2021 digital event. When asked by the audience when the play will be announced, “May” he said. “Everything is still unclear. They haven’t announced anything yet. But as I understand it, they’re probably waiting for May,” he added.

Electronic Arts was announced by DICE in January during the game’s development process way ahead of schedule and that the game could occur in the spring. This means that what we’ll hear about the Battlefield VI announcement date will come soon. At the same time, the company’s CEO, Andrew Wilson, said in the company’s third-quarter earnings meeting, “Our next Battlefield experience will be a return to all army wars.”

However, some promising statements about the game were also shared:

“The game takes full advantage of the power of next-generation platforms to bring massive, immersive battles with more players than ever before.”

New details available for Battlefield VI announcement date

“The next Battlefield version with unprecedented scale maps takes all the series’ known war of destruction, vehicles and weapons to another level.”

Battlefield V, the last game of the series, included a battle royale mode called Firestorm. However, the BF5 has been overshadowed by Call of Duty: Warzone, which has absorbed 85 million players since its release. Just as years ago they led to the breakthrough of Battlefield 1 and COD: WWII Activision also caused the BF5 battle royale mode with Warzone. However, things did not go as expected for EA and DICE. Therefore, it is expected that the Battlefield 1 texture beloved in the next game will be preserved.

As the Battlefield VI announcement date approaches, it is a matter of curiosity whether the game will have an F2P mode. Earlier during a earnings meeting, an analyst asked if they were considering “FPS games that use free-to-play mods to expand the top funnel” – possibly referring to Warzone. EA boss Wilson did not give a clear answer on this issue. Speaking of the name, have you seen the player playing Warzone with bread?

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