Battlefield VI için yeni iddialar ortaya çıktı

New claims emerged for Battlefield VI

New details have emerged for Battlefield VI, which will come under the signature of EA and DICE. There is talk of a co-op scenario mode, even the possibility is good!

EA Games sees DICE developed by Battlefield VI Details about it continue to come. According to new claims, the upcoming FPS game coop will have a new scenario mode decorated with game mechanics. The allegations come from a reliable name in this regard. In addition, we have already started seeing new rumors about the name of the game. Since many different sources converge at the same point, it seems that we may add a small share of truth, even if we are suspicious.

Battlefield VI will be released in Coop scenario mode

Many different details such as when the new game of the series will take place and its name have emerged with new rumors. Making a name for himself in this regard Tom Henderson and opinions from several different sources point to a common point. Battlefield VI will pass 10 years from now. Technologically, it will include near-future equipment such as military robots, advanced drones, jets, helicopters, and tanks. It is also said that the new game of the series will only be called “Battlefield”.

New claims emerged for Battlefield VI

According to Henderson, DICE is preparing a branching scenario mode that allows players to choose sides as they progress and play with other players. “Scenario mode will focus on you and your special troops. In the scenario, you will be able to choose which superpower to fight for.”

“The US and Russia – the two superpowers that have survived the game – will send offers to take you and your units to their side. You will be a significant force for both sides,” said Henderson. It also suggests that we can choose from four different types of soldiers in the multiplayer mode, and these can be customized with Call of Duty style “perks”. At the same time, some claims say the game will be a battle royale mode.

As you can see in the link just above, we have seen some claims about the game before. Statements about the game came from DICE, in line with what Tom Henderson said. This means we can add a little more truth as we approach what Henderson said. Even so, let’s not reduce the doubt to zero, let’s not be disappointed let me add. We have also reached some details about the announcement date of the game. I just leave the link of our related article to the bottom.

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