Warzone yayınında ırkçılık yapan NBA oyuncusu özür diledi

NBA player apologizes for racism in Warzone broadcast

NBA Miami Heat player Meyers Leonard shared an apology for the racist word he used in the Call of Duty Warzone stream.

Miami Heat player and Meyers Leonard, also the FaZe clan broadcaster, crossed the border during the Warzone broadcast. The actor who squeezed a word containing racism between his sentences received a great reaction in a short time. Although he later posted an apology, this is not the first mistake he did. That’s why it collects the reactions of the community. Although the broadcast was deleted from the internet, the short section where he used the word fell on YouTube.

Racist rhetoric from NBA player Meyeres Leonard during Warzone broadcast

Leonard used a very wrong word while having fun with his teammates over voice chat. The actor who swore “Don’t snipe me, you ****, ***” squeezed such a word in between that he could have all of his sponsorships. It will never be correct to write the word here so let me simply explain its meaning to you. The word that starts with the letter “K” is used by American racists to humiliate the Jewish people. You can see the relevant section from the video below.

Although the broadcast was deleted from Meyers Leonard’s channel, they managed to capture a related episode and upload it to YouTube. The NBA player, who also faced great reactions on Twitter, apology note had to share. “At that time I knew nothing about the meaning and history of the word. Of course, this still does not change that the word is very aggressive towards the Jewish community, and it is not an excuse,” he said. He says that now he has learned the meaning of the word and is meeting with people who will educate him against such hate speech. He also states that the word he uses does not reflect either himself, his coach or his team, the Miami Heat. Apologizing to the Jewish community he damaged terminating.

NBA player apologizes for racism in Warzone broadcast

But even if he apologized to the community in this way, that doesn’t mean it was the first racist move he did. Leonard has previously been during an NBA match in 2020, in America “Black Lives Matter“All the players chose to stay standing while kneeling to support the movement, which Ubisoft also supported. This shows that the reaction actually grew with the effect of the image it has shown to the community over time. It is also not the first time for the FaZe clan to experience this kind of racist rhetoric. Daniel “Dubs” Walsh previously used this kind of racist rhetoric during a Fortnite broadcast, after which he apologized and rejoined the organization.

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