Naughty Dog iş ilanı multiplayer bir oyunu işaret ediyor

Naughty Dog job posting points to a multiplayer game

New job postings by Naughty Dog probably appear to have opened for The Last of Us 2 multiplayer mode “Factions.”

The company, which had great success with The Last of Us 2 and started great discussions at the same time, opened new job postings. New job postings listed by Naughty Dog point to The Last of Us Part II multiplayer game mode, which we haven’t heard of recently. Although we don’t have a lot of details yet for this new mode called “Factions”, job postings shed light on a few details.

Naughty Dog opens job for The Last of Us multiplayer mode “Factions”

GameSpot As identified by, The Last of Us 2 studio has opened a job posting for an unspecified “action multiplayer game”. They are looking for someone who “can design, implement and adjust the game economy and player progression systems”. Most likely this is the upcoming standalone multiplayer mode for TLOU2. Factions We can say that it was opened for.

We haven’t seen much about Factios mode, except for leaks that are disappearing nowadays. However, this new job listing can help with what we can expect from the new multiplayer experience. Assuming that the company is not working on a completely separate multiplayer game, which is very unlikely, in Factions mode, a fairly robust, long-term in-game economy system awaits us. The company’s vision for its new standalone multiplayer mode is quite Large.

Naughty Dog job posting points to a multiplayer game

In the job advertisement, especially the in-game economy and player development issues are emphasized. It seems that Naughty Dog, the actors aiming to attach to himself for a long time chasing a multiplayer mode. They are looking for a “Live operations team” to work with the economy designer in a way that “can respond to player needs”. This shows that Factions mode will include live services if the job posting is turned on for this mode.

Actually, this is not surprising. Because almost all of modern multiplayer games derive their income from live services. There is no doubt that the company has even bigger plans for its new multiplayer mode. We hope we have a lot more details about Factions soon. That’s all we know for now. So what do you think about TLOU2 multiplayer mode? Do not forget to share your opinion in the comments.

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