Yerli mobil oyun: Hexa - Şekillere karşı savaş

Native mobile game: Hexa – Battle against shapes

Have you seen Hexa, developed by Orhun Games and described as an entrance project to climb the stairs?

Although our country has recently come to the fore with computer games, there is always a sleeping giant behind. Mobile games industry in Turkey in recent years has really made a big splash case. You know, a few of our local studios were bought by large companies from abroad. Although we cannot yet use this power in the mobile gaming market for computers or consoles, this is a pride. We also reported that the domestic mobile game was downloaded 12 million times. Now here is the game developed by Orhun Games. Hexa – Battle against shapes we are with.

Hexa – Fight against shapes! Orhun Games’ native mobile game

For the games that the developer has made and will do, the goal is to open our game abroad. make an export productThey state that they prefer to make a casual game for the beginning. As we mentioned, they take the first step small to climb the stairs. However, this does not mean that we will not see larger projects in the future – which we would love to see. of people on the bus, subway or anywhere that they can play comfortably with one hand presenting a game.

Native mobile game: Hexa - Battle against shapes

Pressing the left and right parts of the screen, we move the ball in the center. We struggle to survive by avoiding the obstacles we encounter. In the words of the developer, we are expected to “race against time and test our reflexes under both stress and pressure”. There is a game mechanics that are slow at the beginning and speed up as you engage the player. By developing reflexes, we are trying to stay in many polygons and avoid contact by running around.

At the same time, you can change the theme according to your taste while playing Hexa. Yes, it is not a big and ambitious idea, but it is undoubtedly true that such games are more suitable for entry projects. Developer Orhun Games is an individual game developer. We hope that he will soon establish his own team and emerge with big and ambitious projects and make us proud. If you want to support the game and follow the developer’s work, I just leave the social media channels to the bottom. Do not forget to try the game and give feedback so that the developer can progress more effectively on the way he started. Also, don’t forget to write your comments in the comments.

Orhun Games Instagram

Hexa Google PlayStore page

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