Fallout 4 içinde Silent Hill oynamanızı sağlayan mod

Mod that allows you to play Silent Hill in Fallout 4

Developed by a team for Fallout 4, the Silent Hill mode seems to bring nostalgia with better graphics.

Fallout 4 A new Silent Hill mod has arrived from a developer team called Mangaclup that is developing the mods. Whispering Hills Thanks to this mod, you can long for a new game with the series we are eagerly awaiting these days. With the Fallout 4 graphics developed by Bethesda, it will be nice to visit the familiar environments for those who play the series and breathe the old nostalgic Silent Hill atmosphere.

Fallout 4 için Silent Hill modu: Whispering Hills

A trailer released by the developer team recently looks very interesting. The parts of the places we know from the series, which are recreated with Fallout 4 graphics, and the whole trailer are quite interesting. The famous school, which you can recognize from the previous games of the series, also took its place in the trailer. At the same time, in addition to this foggy atmosphere, different enemies of the series also came to Fallout 4 with the Whispering Hills mode. Within the mode, there will be a series of missions that you must complete with the help of a voiced NPC.

This aforementioned mission series To midwitch elementary school and it will take you to the town of Whispering Hills. It is based on the town of Centralia, which was based on the movie Silent Hill, and it looks like the mod uses laser scan data to recreate the map. We also encounter familiar monsters such as Pyramid Head, those famous nurses and Energiser Bunny. In addition, the mod contains monsters from different universes such as Demogorgon from Stranger Things, and SirenHead with its structure similar to Slenderman.

Mod that allows you to play Silent Hill in Fallout 4

In the trailer you can also see comparisons of the same episodes as the original game. Sure, it might be cruel to expect them to reflect the atmosphere one-on-one, but it doesn’t look bad at all. Especially in these days when big games are shaken by frustration and delay, such mods such as the Oblivion Remastered mode for Skyrim open the door to many different options for players. We have previously made the news of the snowboard mode for The Witcher 3, it seems that we will start to see more quality mods in the future.

As of now the mod ModDB him the NexusMods has been published over. If you are good with Silent Hill and want to experience it in Fallout 4, you can download it. Do not forget to share your opinion in the comments.

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