Microsoft, Elden Ring dedikodularını yalanladı

Microsoft denies Elden Ring rumors

New rumors and denials continue to come for Elden Ring, whose new video or information we have been waiting for for a long time.

From Software’s long-announced new game Elden Ring The waiting for continues. Just like the Silent Hill news, we encounter the Elden Ring rumors before every game event. Recently, there have been some rumors that the game will appear in March. We can say that even this situation forced Microsoft officials to make a statement.

Will the presentation of Elden Ring be held in March?

In fact, let’s first look at the rumors after Microsoft’s announcement. Because when we look at the explanations, we hear that similar expressions come from very important names. In the news on the Reddit platform Elden Ring There were some reports that the promotion would be made within this month. After these rumors, Jason Schreier made a statement on his social media accounts and made statements confirming this rumor.

“Many people have a new Elden Ring I know you are impatient (desperate) for the news. I don’t know much about this, except for a little delay. But there is solid evidence that the game will be shown soon. but Elden RingI saw solid and concrete evidence that will be shown soon. I have no idea when it will happen. It could take weeks or months. “

Microsoft denies Elden Ring rumors

Of course, after these rumors, eyes turned to the presentations to be made in March. Microsoft previously announced that it will hold an event for Xbox games this month. When there were rumors about the screening of Elden Ring at this event, Microsoft officials, who did not want to increase the expectation about the event, made a statement about the issue. Xbox Marketing manager Aaron Greenberg said in a statement from his social media accounts that such a thing would not happen.

News that Elden Ring will be shown at the Xbox event quoting Greenberg continued his words as follows; “Just to set expectations, I have to say that this will not happen. As always, there will be projects we are working on at the event, but I can say that such announcements or premiers will not take place.”

So Elden Ring Even if it is shown this month, we can say that it will not be at the Microsoft event. We hope another surprise event will be announced and we will have the chance to see the game soon.

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