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Microsoft could buy Discord for $ 10 billion

Although it is not clear yet, Microsoft may want to incorporate Discord chat software for $ 10 billion in the future.

Game-oriented chat software for Microsoft Discord’u 10 billion dollars It is said that he can buy it. In fact, the claim that he has already started negotiations started to circulate on the internet. Bloomberg As reported, there are different approaches, even if no agreement is on the horizon.

May incorporate Microsoft Discord

As reported by Bloomberg, it is too early to talk about it as there is no agreement yet. However, there is also a point that even if Microsoft aspires, Discord is currently Epic Games and Amazon He also holds talks with. The most preferred voice and text chat software by the players seems to be on the radar of the industry’s giants.

VentureBeat It states that it initially had 140 million monthly users and recently generated $ 100 million in revenue, while its value was in the $ 7 billion band. This means the current price of the software That it could get over $ 10 billion is showing.

It is said that the chat platform owner reached out to Microsoft to gauge interest in a potential sale. Xbox President Phil Spencer was also part of these talks. While these are all rumors for now, it underscores the importance of having a service like Discord for the future of communication on the Xbox platform. to draw is required.

Microsoft could buy Discord for $ 10 billion

In fact, Xbox and Discord have worked together in the past. A service that allows Xbox users to link their accounts and see what their friends are up to was realized with the cooperation of these two parties. This acquisition, now in question, also supports Microsoft’s recent strategy. As you know, Xbox strives to make gaming easy and accessible for everyone. Game Pass It wants to spread its games to a wider audience with services such as. The company, which exhibits its games on many different platforms, can strengthen the communication between all these platforms with this purchase.

At the same time, the acquisition of Discord by the company, together with its previous acquisitions, forms a strong whole. As you know, in the past weeks Bethesda they added 20 Bethesda games to the Game Pass library by incorporating its parent company, ZeniMax. Having a platform like Discord will undoubtedly strengthen your hands. You can also express your opinions in the comments.

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