Microsoft, Bethesda ile ilgili bir sunum yapabilir

Microsoft can make a presentation about Bethesda

According to reports, Microsoft will release a new presentation video about the Xbox Game Pass future of Bethesda games in the coming days.

As you know, the green light is also made by the European Union. Zenimax the purchase is about to be completed. On the players side, it is still unclear what kind of future is prepared for Bethesda’s games on the Xbox Game Pass side. Although there is not yet a detailed and clear explanation on this issue, the prediction of the players is that all Bethesda games will come to the system. Even Bethesda games developed by Microsoft as it has done before, adding to the system from the first day Waiting. Now, according to the reports, Microsoft will make a statement to the players about the Bethesda acquisition details, along with a video presentation.

A presentation may come from Microsoft to answer questions about the Bethesda purchase

GamesBeat According to sources, on Thursday, March 11, Microsoft will release a new presentation video. In this video, the ZeniMax deal Xbox Game Pass It is said to reveal what it means to its subscribers. Notably, Microsoft is allegedly announcing several Bethesda games for Game Pass soon. In addition, there are claims that the Xbox company will bring the games developed under the name of ZeniMax to Xbox Game Pass from day one, just like their first-party games.

According to GamesBeat sources, the presentation is not expected to contain much detail about future Bethesda games. Instead of Xbox and Bethesda Starfield They are said to be waiting for the E3 event to show something about. As you know, E3 2021 has been physically canceled and it is not yet finalized to do it digitally. However, it seems that it will be done.

Microsoft can make a presentation about Bethesda

At the same time, gamers need to hear about some of the games coming to PlayStation 5 outside of Ghostwire: Tokyo. Although Microsoft has spoken for Ghostwire: Tokyo on this issue, the Indiana Jones and Elder Scrolls VI announced by Bethesda are still a matter of debate. It is not yet known whether the reported video presentation will address this issue.

As you know, the European Union gave the green light to Microsoft for the purchase of ZeniMax yesterday. Thanks to this, there was a short time left for the purchase to be completed. Phil Spenceris expected to be completed in the second half of this year, as predicted last year. You can also express your opinions in the comments.

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