Marvel, Fantastic 4 filmi için düğmeye bastı

Marvel hits the button for Fantastic 4 movie

According to reports, Marvel has started the search for a writer for the Fantastic 4 movie, which has been withdrawn a while ago.

Marvel with a long struggle Fantastic 4 After the rights, the agreed preparations for the new movie have begun. One of the most important series of the Marvel side Fantastic 4It has been in Fox’s possession for a long time, as you know, with the X-Men universe. Fox did in the 2000s Fantastic 4 After his films, he tried to revive the series in the past years, but this remake brought along a great disappointment. Naturally, we can say that the Fantastic 4 movie, which can start such important stories, will be very important for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Writer talks begin for Fantastic 4 movie

Here, after the rights were revoked, Marvel avoided making a statement on this issue, although it is not in this phase, it is understood that the Fantastic 4 team is preparing to join the MCU in the next phase. From Deadline to Justin Kroll’s news by Marvel, Fantastic 4 Writer has begun negotiations for his movie. This is the biggest indication that it will be very difficult for the movie to catch up with this phase.

This update also refutes the news that Marvel has started casting. Because a short while ago, there were reports that the famous actress Jennifer Lawrance was being considered for the role of Sue Storm.

Marvel hits the button for Fantastic 4 movie

On the other hand, after the script phase, Marvel is expected to start shooting quickly. Jon Watts, who worked with the company on the first two Spider-Man movies and also directed the new Spider-Man movie, whose full name is not yet known, will also sit in the director’s chair in Fantastic 4. On the other hand, we can say that Fantastic 4 will be in the center of the MCU in the future.

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