GeForce Now global hesaplar için zorunlu geçiş kararı açıklandı

Mandatory transition decision for GeForce Now global accounts announced

Turkey drew the reactions described in a recent decision taken by its price and global accounts for GeForce Now Turkey has brought a requirement to server.

NVidia’s cloud-based gaming system GeForce Now For amazing, or rather expected news came and global users appeared to be diverted to Turkey servers. Using the system globally GeForce Now users started to learn about this surprising decision with the e-mail they started to receive from the morning hours.

GeForce Now Turkey has become a requirement to global accounts to the server

We can say that everything started well for GeForce Now. If you remember, globally released last year GeForce Now NVidia made a statement and by going to a partnership with Turkcell Game +, your servers Turkey also announced that in the open. After this good news, last month GeForce Now Türkiye A trial process has also begun for the servers. and 15 March As of this process will end and it will be Turkey server operating history, especially for users who pre-register.

Of course, now we wait eagerly week described the GeForce Now the debate had left the location together with Turkey price. According to this statement that the Basic package will be free, the price of the Premium package was determined as 74.9 TL per month. We also learned that a 3-month package pricing specifically for the launch would be 149.7 TL. The emergence of the price announcement before the global price hike naturally caused great reactions. While waiting for a more favorable price, a higher-than-expected price drew the reaction of the players.

What will happen to global accounts?

After this price announcement, one of the most curious issues was the status of global accounts. Following the announcement of the price is for users who want Turkey to continue to use global accounts were given the sad news this morning. According to this e-mail sent to users, those who have a global account will be able to continue using the system until May 3. But after this date will have to move to Turkey servers. Although it is stated that a more advantageous pricing will be made during this transition period, full details have not been given yet. Worse, users who do not want to switch will be removed from the system. Despite the refund, we see that the users have no choice.

Mandatory transition decision for GeForce Now global accounts announced

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