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Make ‘baby trolls’ with Valheim troll taming mode

Thanks to the Valheim troll taming mode, you can make your most dangerous enemy in the game a friend, and even have baby trolls.

A new mode developed for Valheim allows you to tame everything in the game. Thanks to the “AllTameable” mode, which we can also call Valheim troll taming mode, you can turn your enemies into reliable friends. Let’s take a look at what you can do with this mod.

Valheim troll evcilleştirme modu: AllTameable

With this mod, you can tame not only trolls but also almost everything in the game. Thanks to the “AllTameable” mode released by Buzz on NexusMods, you can tame skeletons, trolls, charms and almost anything. The good news is that by building yourself an army of trolls, you can level everything that gets in your way. This includes the game’s boss battles. To download the mod you can click here.

Follow up to my Wolf breeding post, I decided to take them to Yagluth…again. Solo this time. Yagluth VS ~50 2 star wolves. from r / valheim

In fact, as you can see in the video above, a player can finish the final boss battle in seconds with a pack of 50 wolves. Assuming you have an army of trolls with that in mind, the final battle shouldn’t last longer than a few seconds. However, Valheim brings some strangeness besides the troll taming mode. Now you will have to deal with baby trolls.

Make 'baby trolls' with Valheim troll taming mode

Yes, baby, everything that is a baby has its own sweetness. Even the ugliest-looking creature may have a sweetness to its offspring, but you don’t have trolls. They look like mutants straight out of a scientific experiment where everything went wrong, and the good news is that you can add them to your herd, too. Technically, thanks to this mod for Valheim, you can tame almost anything. However, deer, fish, and a few other lucky creatures are still out of your domain. staying.

The default version of the mod is only available for trolls and goblins. However, you can further expand your catalog by downloading the configuration file. You will only be able to tame all the creatures unfortunate enough to pass in front of you by trapping them and feeding them like a wild boar or a wolf. While you are building your own Eiffel Tower, they can keep you safe behind the scenes. Of course, if you haven’t read our survival guide, it’s still not easy to survive in the brutal world of Valheim.

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