League of Legends Şampiyon Güncellemesi: Dr. Mundo

League of Legends Champion Update: Dr. Mundo

One of League of Legends’ first champions to come out in 2009, Dr. Both visual and gameplay update coming to Mundo in 11.12

League of Legends continues its champion updates with Dr. Mundo. As you know, the company is going to revise the champions that have not been preferred for a long time and are out of meta. The new stop of these revisions was Dr. Mundo. As a player who still uses the champion, I can say that I am a fan of seeing and playing, although I don’t like some changes. Maybe I will come across a talent system that I will like more than the old one. Riot Games gave information about the champion’s update and also made a statement about his abilities. This information is as follows;

Dr. Visual and gameplay update coming to Mundo in 11.12

Confused, horribly murderous, and terrifyingly purple, Dr. Mundo is one of those things that forces a large part of Zaun’s people to lock themselves up, especially during dark nights. Yourself as a doctor seeing monsterwas once a patient in Zaun’s most famous mental hospital. Dr. After “curing” all of the staff, Mundo opened his own hospital in the empty wards where he was treated, and began to imitate the unethical surgeries he had frequently experienced. With wardrobes full of medicines and zero medical knowledge, he now transforms himself into an even more terrifying monster with every injection and scares the unfortunate “patients” who come near his office.

League of Legends Champion Update: Dr.  Mundo

Updated Gameplay

Passive – Goes Wherever He Desires

Dr. Mundo resists the next crowd control effect that hits him, instead losing his current life and leaving a chemical reservoir near him. Dr. Mundo can go over the chamber and pick it up. Hopper regenerates a portion of its max health and reduces the cooldown of its passive. Opponents can go over the chamber and destroy it.

Also Dr. Mundo’s health regen increases based on his max health.

Q – Microbe Saw

Dr. Mundo throws a germ saw at the first enemy hit, dealing magic damage and slowing them based on their current health.

W – Shock Therapy

Dr. Mundo slams himself for a few seconds, dealing continuous magic damage to nearby enemies and accumulating a portion of his damage as gray health. Dr. At the end of the duration, Mundo deals instant magic damage to nearby enemies and heals for the equivalent of his gray health if this attack hits an enemy (heals less if the attack hits minions or monsters only). Dr. Mundo can end the effects of the ability early by reusing Shock Therapy.

E – Concussion

Passive – Dr. Mundo has bonus attack damage that increases based on his missing health.

Active – Dr. Mundo slips his “health” bag over an opponent’s head, dealing physical damage based on his missing health. If the opponent is killed, it will dash away, dealing the minimum damage of this ability to enemies it comes into contact with.

R – Overdose

Dr. Mundo instantly heals the equivalent of a percentage of his missing health by pumping chemicals into his body. He then heals for a fraction of his max health for an extended period of time, while gaining bonus movement speed and attack power.

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