League of Legends 11.11 yama notları yayınlandı

League of Legends 11.11 patch notes released

The 11.11 patch notes for League of Legends, the popular MOBA game developed and published by Riot Games, have been released.

Riot GamesAfter activating the 11.11 patch, some balances have been added to the game, especially Senna, who received Icefire Gloves, and Master Yi, who received the Night Sword. Elise, Lee Sin, Leona, Morgana, Qiyana, Rumble, Shaco, and Urgot, whose face we saw a little too often, weakened, while Azir, Ezreal, Graves, Hecarim, Nautilus, Ryze, Teemo, Seraphine, and Singed grew stronger. In addition, CODE NAME: Sejuani, CODE NAME: Mordekaiser, CODE NAME: Renekton, CODE NAME: Senna, CODE NAME: Sylas, CODE NAME: Sylas Prestige Series and CODE NAME: Varus costumes May 27, 2021 in the history of will be published. You can also purchase color packs in the store in the days following the release of this patch.

League of Legends 11.11 patch notes released

Center Raid returns for the CODE NAME event

Azir: Q cost decreased.

Elise: Spider Form’s hit damage ratio decreased.

Ezreal: Base health regen growth rate and armor increased.

Graves: Base attack damage growth increased.

Hecarim: Q (Galeyan) bonus attack damage damage ratio increased. E (Devastating Attack) damage ratio increased.

Read without: E’s cooldown has increased.

Leona: W (Eclipse) base damage decreased.

Master Yi: Q (Alpha Strike) damage ratio decreased.

Morgana: W (Shadow of Cruelty) damage to non-epic monsters decreased.

Nautilus: E (Tide) now deals more damage to monsters.

Qiyana: W (Ruler of the Realm) bonus movement speed decreased.

Rumble: Passive (Junkyard Giant) hit damage limit against monsters decreased.

Ryze: Base health growth increased.

Senna: Passive bonus attack range decreased. Q now scales with lethality. E now grants ability power while disguised. R damage ratio increased.

Seraphine: W (Surrounding Sound) shield increased for himself and his allies.

Shaco: W damage ratio decreased. E ability power damage ratio decreased.

Singed: E (Hold Splint) cooldown is no longer fixed.

Teemo: W cooldown decreased.

Urgot: W’s tuned damage ratio decreased later.

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