Kung-Fu temalı aksiyon oyunu Sifu, PS5 , PS4 ve PC için duyuruldu

Kung-Fu themed action game Sifu announced for PS5, PS4 and PC

With the presentation of State of Play tonight, Slocap, developer of Absolver, announced his new game called Sifu. If you are good with Kung-Fu, welcome …

Sifu Sloclap, the developer of the game, has previously appeared with the game Absolver, which is based on martial arts. Now they announced their completely new and story-driven Kung-Fu-themed game at the State of Play event. The production, which looks very interesting with its published trailer and structure, is within this year. PS4, PS5 ve PC will rise to the platforms.

Sifu, the new third-person action game with a Kung-Fu theme from the developer of Absolver

After Absolver, which was developed by Sloclap and published by Devolver, the team did not leave the martial arts theme and developed a new game. They shared this project, which they have been working on for two years with their own words, during the State of Play presentation today. The published trailer gives an idea of ​​the visual style and gameplay of the game. If you are good with martial arts, we can say that you will like it.

With a third person perspective, Sifu is reminiscent of Batman Arkham Knight in terms of gameplay. Your developer team PlayStation Blog“We have decided to focus on a single player experience to create an immersive adventure with deep and challenging gameplay”. This indicates that combos will stand out in the game and will have a compelling structure.

Our main character, who devotes his soul to the quest for revenge a young Kung Fu student. His family is killed by mysterious assassins, and our hero spends eight years preparing himself for this revenge. Finally, that day comes and we take control of it. He also has a magic necklace that animates our hero when he dies. However, there is a very crucial part in the game mechanics. Every time our character dies and resurrects, he’ll get a little old.

Kung-Fu themed action game Sifu announced for PS5, PS4 and PC

During all these episodes, we will sometimes go to the hidden corners of the city, sometimes to the cold corridors of the company towers and sometimes to the suburbs. Each episode will have its own atmosphere, where we will hunt down the killers one by one by killing everybody that gets in our way. During this journey, we will be able to improve our character by unlocking unique skills and mastering techniques. The developer team finally said “Sifu” a unique martial arts experience “We are determined to show our respect to the authentic and respectable Kung-Fu genre as well as to bring it. What do you think about this new game? Do not forget to share your views in the comments.”

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