Kojima Productions çok yakında yeni oyununu duyuracak

Kojima Productions will announce new game very soon

Art Director of Kojima Productions, Yoji Shinkawa, stated that the studio may announce its second play very soon.

Kojima Productions The Art Director said it was likely “very soon” for the studio to announce its new game. An announcement is expected for the next game from the team in the near future. The new information comes from the studio’s artistic director, Yoji Shinkawa.

Game announcement expected by Kojima Productions

AI Hub During a video interview with him, studio art director Yoji Shinkawa left clues behind his speech when asked if the company would share any details about its second game.

Working with Hideo Kojima for a long time, Shinkawa is best known for his mecha design work in the Metal Gear line. Following the question posed to him, “I am definitely doing something and I can tell you that we will probably be announcing this very soon.” said.

Kojima Productions confirmed that it recruited its roster for a new project in October 2020. Death Stranding’s developer said he was looking for “best-in-class talent” to fill 25 vacancies at his Tokyo studio. Now, we are getting news that a new game announcement will come very soon.

Kojima Productions may soon announce new game

Since Death Stranding’s launch in November 2019, the studio has continued to provide little clues about its next project. Kojima said that he watched horror movies to prepare for his new game project and stated that he wanted to make a “revolutionary” horror game one day in April 2020. The following month Kojima claimed that a major development project had been canceled, but was in “early planning stages” for his next game.

Images recently suggesting that the new project could be Death Stranding 2 It was posted on Twitter. At the same time, some rumors are that a new extended version for Death Stranding, “Extended Edition” will be released. However, neither these rumors nor an official statement about the name of the new game has yet been made from the company. Nevertheless, there is a slight possibility that the next game will hit the PC platform. It may be a good sign that Kojima sympathizes with the PC platform with his statements and wants to evaluate the market here.

Stay tuned to keep up to date with Kojima Productions new game and other developments.

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