John McClane ve Rambo, Warzone

John McClane and Rambo come to Warzone

Call of Duty Warzone incorporates characters from 80’s action movies. Rambo and John McClane are just the beginning.

It seems Rambo and Die Hard movies you will recognize John McClaneIs being added to the Call of Duty Warzone game. A tweet shared by the official Call of Duty account shows that John McClane, one of the most memorable heroes of Die Hard movies starring Bruce Wills, is on his way to Verdansk.

John McClane and Rambo headed for Warzone

Shared Twitter postIn the first Die Hard movie, he advertises the company Nakatomi, the owner of the skyscraper that John McClane saved from a terrorist attack. In fact, as you can see in the post, the letter N in the company’s name is designed to refer to the lighter McClane used while moving through the air vent. There is even a fake website.

John McClane and Rambo come to Warzone

It is not yet known that they will appear in Warzone as a costume or as a full operator. However, we’d love to see what their finishing move would be if they came out as a complete operator. Of course, if they come as a full operator, they will also have their own unique costumes. No details have been received from the developer yet, but we can say that John McClane and Rambo will appear in the Warzone game. Rambo appears in another game after Mortal Kombat. As you know, he was previously included in the fighter squad of Mortal Kombat 11.

VGC’nin In an interview with a developer from Raven Software, the following statement was made that more is on the way:

“I wanted to point out that what we’ve shown you before is a small” classified “portion of the ’80s action.”

It seems that in the upcoming period, Call of Duty Warzone players will encounter more characters from the action movies that left their mark on the 80s. You can also express your opinions in the comments.

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