It Takes Two 2021

It Takes Two was the highest rated game of 2021

The review scores for It Takes Two show that the game has already managed to be among the highest rated games of 2021.

Especially as of 2021, we have great difficulties in encountering new games. This is exactly what was published in this period It Takes Two however, it seems that the players have used this game search to their advantage. It has already become the most admired, highest rated game of the year by both players and critics. The production, which is signed by the A Way Out developer, seems to maintain this reputation in the long run.

It Takes Two was the highest rated game of 2021

On Metacritic, the average score of the game for PlayStation 5 is 90 with 23 reviews. We can get a clear idea that we should definitely play this game by looking at the score it gets. It is also the only game to get this score this year. The game’s publisher, Electronic Arts, hasn’t been able to hit the 90+ category on Metacritic since Fifa 13 and Mass Effect 3, that is, for about nine years. It must have been pleasing for them, too.

It Takes Two was the highest rated game of 2021

In OpenCritic, It Takes Two now stands out with an average of 88 points. Although it remains low compared to Metacritic, it still has its name on the top as the highest rated game of this year.

About the game

It Takes Two is a collaborative, co-op game like the developer’s previous games. It allows players to play with their friends for free, either via LAN connection or using Friend’s Pass. Thanks to Friend’s Pass, anyone who wants to play It Takes Two with their friend does not need to buy the game if their friend has one. You can play two people together by purchasing one person.

The game, which stands out with its dynamic episodes and vital scenario, is similar to all the works of Josef Fares. The game, which basically relies on a couple going through episodes cooperating to save their marriage, has been highly loved by the players since its release. We can easily say this by looking at the review scores he received today. The production that stands out with its cute structure and humorous aspect by clicking here you can reach. So what do you think about this game? Do not forget to share your views in the comments section just below.

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