Isonzo, Verdun

Isonzo comes as a sequel to Verdun

Isonzo, the First World War-themed game developed by M2H and Blackmill Games, comes to PC, PS5, PS4, XSX and XBX platforms.

First-person shooter production, a sequel to the First World War game Verdun Isonzo was announced. M2H, which we know from Verdun and Tannenberg productions, and Blackmill Games Developed by the game, will be released on PC, PS5, PS4, XSX and XBX platforms.

Coming as a continuation of Verdun

The production will take place on the Italian front of the First World War and will focus on the “Alpine wars”. The developers describe the environment of the FPS as: “The conflict takes place between the peaks, rugged valleys and idyllic towns of northern Italy. The brand new Assault game mode places players in the midst of major historical attacks on the Italian Front. From the hills of the Alps, It covers fierce battles up to the area in the Isonzo river.

Isonzo comes as a sequel to Verdun

Especially in a period when the World War II games were inflation, these productions prepared for the 1st World War are the kind of drooling for us like many players. Although it does not appear at the level we want in terms of graphics, considering the pleasure we got from the previous productions of the company, it seems to be among the productions that should be taken into consideration. You can watch the video of the game below.

Isonzo Warriors

It is the twelve battles fought between Italy and the Austro-Hungarian armies along the Isonzo River on the Italian Front during World War I. There are many stories about the wars that took place between June 1915 and November 1917. The Austrians had a great advantage over the Italians by building walls on both sides of the river before Italy entered the war. The first attack of the Italian army on the Austrians under the command of General Luigi Cardona began on 23 June. Although the Italians made an effort to cross the river and hold onto the opposite hills for 14 days, they were pushed back each time.

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