Falcon and the Winter Soldier izlemeye değer mi?

Is Falcon and the Winter Soldier worth watching?

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, released by Marvel in MCU phase 4, began airing today on Disney Plus. So is the series worth watching?

MCU Phase 4 continues at full speed. Especially the productions that those who love the Avengers series are eagerly anticipate come out one by one. Released after WandaVision Falcon and the Winter Soldierstarted streaming today on Disney Plus. We watched the first episode of about 50 minutes and here are our first comments.

Is Falcon and the Winter Soldier worth watching?

WandaVision had recently made a final. After a very enjoyable season, Marvel aired the series at the time announced earlier to show that it is not idle. If you want to get the answer to the question quickly, let me write it right away. The series Falcon and the Winter Soldier is definitely worth watching. WandaVision was not enough for those who like high-action movies like me. Still, we said Marvel, we embraced it. However, the Falcon and the Winter Soldier certainly does not fall into this class. Let’s briefly look at the reasons.

Is Falcon and the Winter Soldier worth watching?

Both the Falcon and the Winter Soldier are two superheroes, both at the bottom of the action all the way to Endgame. However, due to their nature, Falcon (Samuel Thomas Wilson) has a slightly more naive character. Sergeant Barnes, also known as the Winter Soldier (also known as the Winter Soldier), is in a structure that has difficulty suppressing the anger in him. It is not easy for such opposites in character to come together. In the first episode, the paths of the two do not intersect.


After saving the world, both of our heroes went their separate ways and took on ordinary human roles. But it’s obvious that Winter Soldier, struggling to fend off the demons of the past, and Sam, who are trying to solve family problems, still have their old mutual friend Captain America in their minds. While they are trying to keep up with the day, both of them have quite a hard time. After the ‘Avengers: Endgame’ events, the duo, who will come together in a great adventure that will test their skills and patience, have not crossed their paths in the first episode, but the flow of events prepares us for this little one.

The action dose is well adjusted, and the interaction of the characters from the traumatic events they have experienced in their previous battles is also well reflected in the series. Although the series is based on the duo, other (mostly non-main roles) characters of the MCU will also appear over time, as is the case with WandaVision.

The first episode of the first season, consisting of 6 episodes in total, is called “New World Order”, that is, “New World Order”. Even the title alone is enough to explain the situation of the heroes. The first season of the series will air on April 23 and will end with its 6th episode.

By the way, in the last scene of the first episode, you will also encounter the shocking, annoying finale unique to Marvel’s movies. It is gnawing at me right now. I’m looking forward to the next week.

Full series to the player list you can look from here.

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