Dying Light 2 için ilginç detaylar açıklandı

Interesting details revealed for Dying Light 2

A second AMA (Ask Me Anything) video has been released for Dying Light 2 and this time sheds light on more details. Interesting answers are in our news.

As you know Dying Light 2 developer Techland previously shared an AMA (Ask Me Anything) video in late April, answering fans’ questions about the game. A new video released today sheds light on more details for the game and allows gamers to understand DL2’s connection to the first game, its world, groups, and choices. Let’s take a look at the new details shared about the game together.

Interesting answers from the Dying Light 2 developer

Quite intriguing answers came to the crucial questions asked by the fans. The first question that came was asking whether Aiden, the character of the second game, seemed more excited and indecisive than Crane, the star of the first game, whether we will accompany the character’s development throughout the game. The answer to the question about the character’s personality was positive.

Stating that Aiden has defined, unique characteristics, the developer says that this affects his behavior at the beginning of the game. However, a feature of Aiden will appear as “searching for his own identity”. However, as the developer put it, “At the same time, Aiden is someone who searches to discover some mysteries in his past” so we can expect more from the character. As the game progresses, our character will also change and will be affected by our play style. The decisions we make at the end of the game will affect what the main character will have.

So, will GRE in the first game appear in the second game? The answer to this question has been given a bit subtle, but they say that we can definitely see the traces of GRE in the second game. Whether GRE will be actively present remains a mystery as it has been a few years since the first game, but we will be able to find out what happened to the company. The GRE formation, which is said to leave many marks on the map, will exist in the second game, but we do not expect it to be a topic that covers the whole story as in the first game.

Another question was whether there will be romance in the game. The developer stated that he himself does not have games with romance in it and that there is no such thing among the company’s goals for the game. However, there will be relations between NPCs and Aiden in the game. They will be dynamically influenced by the actor’s decisions and they say these relationships will be “complex and powerful”.

They also state that what happened in Dying Light 2 is very strongly related to what happened in the first game. He says that players will be able to see what end in The Following’s expansion will appear in the second game, while playing. They say that in the second game, we can feel the reflection of what they went through in Crane and Harran comfortably.

Interesting details revealed for Dying Light 2

Another question was asking whether the destroyed civilization and colonized humanity could return to the state and governments by the player in the second game. The developer responded negatively and said, “We want you to live in the modern dark age we are building and see where humanity can go after such a catastrophe.” They stated that we already know the states and their governments, so this is not interesting. In other words, it seems that Dying Light 2 will progress through its fiction and will not make a radical change for the player. However, the actor will be able to shape the future with his decisions. “You will be able to shape the future by your own decisions, when you finish the game you will be able to decide which buildings, which structures or what kind of community will take place,” says Techland.

You can see all the questions and answers from the video above, and you can access the details shared in the past AMA video from the link below. Do not forget to mention your opinion in the comments.

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