Call of Duty Mobile 3. Sezonu ve etkinlikleri hakkında bilgiler

Information on Call of Duty Mobile Season 3 and its events

Call of Duty Mobile, which has been receiving new updates recently, shared new information about the 3rd season and Ramadan events.

Call of Duty: Mobile received great appreciation from the players with its Season 3: Escape from Tokyo, which came with April, and special contents for the Ramadan period. In addition, players will have the chance to play matches with famous broadcasters Mithrain and Sizophren in special tournaments to be held at the end of May. The production team of the game brought together what to know about this update and new events. The explanation and details of the company are as follows;

The story of the game continues in Japan

COD: Mobile continues its in-game story in special comic book series. Hidora Kai, who was held captive in Alcatraz prison in previous seasons, escaped from Alcatraz for a plan to disable all electronic devices in the world. However, the laptop he left behind revealed his connection with another criminal organization leader. General Shepherd and Captain Price interrogated Menendez, the leader of the other criminal organization. Of course, Menendez, who could not stand the tactics of the two grand masters, admitted that Hidora Kai was hiding in Japan. So the new season of the game, Hidora Kai follows the players It drags it to Japan.

Information on Call of Duty Mobile Season 3 and its events

2 New Maps Added to the Game with the New Season

With the latest update, two new multiplayer maps are coming to the game, named Oasis and Coastal. Players will be able to showcase their prowess on new maps, one large and the other medium. Oasis is a resort map that reflects the middle eastern theme and wealth in the middle of the desert. Coastal, on the other hand, is a small-scale coastal town map with lots of indoor and outdoor spaces.

Many New Content Released with Hidora Kai

Hidora Kai, the main nemesis of this season, came as a playable character with a new seasonal battle ticket, and 2 new characters were added to the game with the battle ticket. On the equipment side, weapons and characters are equipped with Japanese style, while many weapon amulets, special skins, stickers, player cards and victory effects have been added to the game. In addition, the special weapon, the Yokai-looking PP19 Bizon and the Scorching Sun-looking QXR, were also presented to the players.

Seasonal Themed Event: Swords and Stones

This season’s special themed event involves a tough challenge for players to fully demonstrate their wrist and control skills. In Swords and Gems mode, players have to fight using only melee weapons and grenades. Players will gain increasing movement speed as they knock down enemies and try to gain the upper hand by taking the “Shadow Sword” special ability, which will be dropped in the match.

Night Mode v2.0

The multiplayer Night Mode, which comes to the Mobile version right after the main game series, changes with a special challenge for a short time. Players will try to eliminate as many enemies as possible in the match with night vision goggles with limited battery. They will then hide in the dark so that the glasses can be recharged and try to stay away from the enemy.

Information on Call of Duty Mobile Season 3 and its events

Enjoy New Abilities and Big Powerful Weapons

The content that comes with the new season is not limited to maps, characters and weapons. With the new operator capability “Overclock”, the recharge time of the large weapon feature of the operator has been very shortened. Thus, players will be able to use heavy guns more effectively on the battlefield and enjoy the weapons. In addition, the pistol with special shooting mode named “Renetti” will be a small but very effective helper of fast players on the battlefield.

Provide Fully Support to Your Team with the New BR Class ‘Locator’

In the new season, a new class is added to the BR mode with the new in-game event to be launched at the beginning of May. The new class called Location Finder will protect the team against airborne attacks, especially with its anti-aircraft equipment capabilities.

Gain Territory Dominance and Get Exclusive Content with the “Warrior’s Path” Event

In the special event that started on April 29 and lasts for 15 days, the teams will try to dominate the area determined on the BR map and changes every 24 hours. In the event, where there are separate tasks for each area, the team that collects points by performing the most tasks for the domination of the area will gain the dominance of the region. The team that takes control will also have rare and epic looking versions of special weapons such as Man-O-War and Coalition.

Information on Call of Duty Mobile Season 3 and its events

The Sultan of the Season 12 Has Arrived

Like last year, the game celebrates the Ramadan period with special content and surprises this year. This year, the “Kandil Lantern” package, decorated with special purple tones and gold colors, is available for purchase in the in-game store. The pack includes a flight suit, backpack, parachute and special profile card, along with a special skin for the Phantom character.

Are You Ready for the Ramadan Tournament?

CODM celebrates the Ramadan period not only with a special content package but also with a big special event. Special community tournaments starting in the first week of May will host famous broadcasters Mithrain and Sizophren. Players will qualify for the big qualifying tournament on the weekend by passing the 4-day daily tournaments. In the grand finale, players will team up with Mithrain and Sizophren and fight to win by getting the highest score in the match series.

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