Hideo Kojima:

‘I feel love and closeness to the PC’

Hideo Kojima had an interview with publisher 505 Games on the Death Stranding PC port and said good things going forward.

Hideo Kojima recently interviewed publisher 505 Games about the Death Stranding PC port. You will also find a 9-minute long video of the interview in our news. Kojima made promising new statements about the PC platform and its gamers going forward.

Hideo Kojima Death Stranding satisfied with PC version

In general, games that are ported from consoles to the computer bring some problems with them. However, this was not the case for Kojima’s play Death Stranding. It came with features such as ultra-wide screen support, DLSS, photo mode, as well as a side quest to collect Half-Life and Portal memories for Valve fans. Now, in a recent interview with publisher 505 Games, Hideo Kojima, director and author of the game, pointed out why many of his previous games were console-specific why he made this PC port. he explained.

“When I first started in this industry, I worked on the PC. It was a long time before I started making games for consoles. So I feel love and affection to the PC. After all, games are developed on PCs. But PlayStation gamers and core PC users are a different market and Death. The reason Stranding was launched on the PC is because of the simple desire that as many people can play the game whenever possible. What I’m most proud of is the fact that we created and upgraded the PC version and did it ourselves. This is a situation that is usually taken care of from outside sources, so we are proud of it. a giving point. “

Kojima also talked about the difficulties of satisfying PC gamers, which he called “very loud and game-minded”. Most obviously, ensuring compatibility with many different hardware is not an easy task, given the disparity between high-end and weaker hardware. Another thing is to do mouse & keyboard controls. “I’m not very good at playing the game with a mouse,” said Kojima. “But the PC version was supposed to support mouse controls. It was difficult to configure them, though I left it to our staff.”

Discussing the game itself, Hideo Kojima states that he wants technology to connect people. He says he wants to establish “positive connections” between players, not a new genre with Death Stranding.

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