Oyun yükleme nasıl yapılır? Programı var mı?

How to install a game? Does it have a schedule?

How to install a game on a computer, phone or tablet? What do you need to do to install a game? Here is the answer to all of them.

Installing a game How is the process done? Uploading games to gadgets like tablets, phones and computers is always an option to spend your free time. While you can do this with the help of some programs, sometimes no to the game installation program you may not need it. It all depends on which device you are installing the game on. If you want to install games on tablet and phone, it will be easier for you. Let’s see how games are installed on tablets, phones and computers altogether.

How to install a game?

What you need to do to install a game may also vary, depending on the type of tablet or phone you have. First you need to decide which game to install. After that, is the game you want compatible with your tablet or phone? You should check it out. For this, all you have to do is to search for the name of the game you want to install in the relevant digital stores.

How to install games on Android phones and tablets?

If you are using a device with Android operating system (such as Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, Oppo, Casper), Google Play Store Search by typing the name of the game on it. If there are many games with the same name, check them all until you find the game you are looking for.

How to install a game?  Does it have a schedule?

Then enter the page of the game you want to install. You can do this by tapping the name of the game. After entering, a page like the one below will greet you. You can download the game to your phone by clicking the “Download” button here. After the download and installation process is finished, there will be two different buttons on the page. If you click the “Open” button, the game will be opened. If you click the “Uninstall” button, you will uninstall the game. In addition, you can use the icon in your phone’s menu to open the game. If you have done all, the game is installed on your phone.

How to install games on iPhone phones and tablets?

How to install a game?  Does it have a schedule?

If you are using a device with iOs operating system (such as iPhone, iPad, iPod), you need to use the App Store to download games. After entering the App Store, find the one you want to download and install by typing the name of the game in the search section. You will be greeted by a page like the one below. Here you have to download the game by clicking the blue “Download” button under the name of the game. Of course, the game will be downloaded and installed according to the speed of your internet. You can open and play with a single finger movement thanks to the shortcut added to your menu after you install it.

How to install games on the computer?

To install a game on the computer, first make sure that the game you choose is paid or free. Games such as Zula, Sabotage, Point Blank, CS: GO are free to play and can be downloaded from their web pages. You can also find many paid and free games on the Steam game platform. Let’s talk about what you need to do to install a game on Steam. First of all, you need to download the Steam application to your computer. If you follow the steps below in order, you will be able to install games on your computer without any problems.

Installing games on Steam

How to install a game?  Does it have a schedule?

  • Go to the Steam download site and click the “Install Steam” button. (To go to the Steam download page click here)
  • You need to create a free user account on Steam. (For free membership click here)
  • Upload the downloaded file and log in to your account by opening Steam.
  • Enter the store by clicking the Store text in the upper left part of Steam.
  • Type the name of the game you want to install in the store search section at the top right.

How to install a game?  Does it have a schedule?

The name and picture of the game you want to install will start to appear at the bottom as you write. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, it’s not available on Steam. It is loaded in different ways. In this article, we are based on Steam. Although pirated or illegal ways of installing games are found, you will not find information about them here.

If you find the game you are looking for, it is very simple to do it, if it is a paid game, first enter the store page. You have to click on the “Add to Cart” button as you can see in the image below on the store page. When you do this, you will not buy immediately, your money will not go. You will need to take some action to complete the purchase.

How to install a game?  Does it have a schedule?

Buying games on Steam

Have you done? Super! If so, we can add the game to your library by going to the next step. The Steam library is a section where the games you have acquired are kept together. Anything you purchase from Steam will be added to your digital library under license. Games from this library are not automatically deleted or lost. If you’ve added the game to your cart, let’s finish the purchase. When you add the app or game you want to the cart, it will direct you to the cart page. It should look like the one below.

Installing a game

The name of the game you added to your cart, the price and the total amount of your cart will be written in the “Calculated amount” section below. In this way, you can see the fee you have to pay for the game here. Steam does not charge any additional fees other than the game fee when purchasing games from you. You can buy the game for yourself if you click on the “Buy for myself” button, and for your friend if you click “Send as a gift”. I’m going ahead assuming you are buying it for yourself right now. Press the “Buy for myself” button. Steam will then ask for your credit card information to complete your purchase. Fill in the information in accordance with your credit / debit card starting from the payment method section. If you are hesitant about this, Steam is one of the largest digital gaming platforms in the world and is safe. After completing all of them, the game will be added to your library.

Downloading and installing the game in the library

You purchased a digitally licensed version of the game. Now we can proceed with the installation process. Just like you opened the store, click on the “Library” text at the top. Here you will see the name of the game you purchased on the left. If you click on the name of the game once, information will appear on the right. Here is the picture of the game and you should see a “Download” button. Everything should be like the image below.

Installing a game

Press the Upload button. After that, the loading screen will appear. From here you can choose the language of your game, where you want to install it. If you don’t choose, Steam will upload it to its default directory. This means it will install Steam onto the disc you installed it. If so, press the forward button and it will begin to allocate storage space for your game. After allocating storage space, the download will start automatically. Depending on the speed of your internet and the size of the game, the end time will vary. After the download is finished, the “Download” button in your library will be changed with the “Play” button. You can now enter the game and play as you wish.

If this article was useful for you, do not forget to express your ideas in the comments. Stay with love and play.

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