Epic Games bedava oyunlara ne kadar ücret ödüyor?

How much does Epic Games pay for free games?

Epic Games’ fees for free games on a weekly basis have been leaked. The resulting list is astounding

Epic Games bedava continues to give players games every week as you know. In general, we can witness that the company that gives two games every week occasionally drops to one, and from time to time it goes up to three. Of course, the number of games given by the independent party is quite high, as we encounter games with big budgets, namely AAA. Well, have you ever wondered how much money the Epic Games Store gave its distributor for these free games? Here is a list of the fees paid by the company in the past hours. When we look at this list, we see quite remarkable numbers.

Epic Games’ fees for free games leaked

How much does Epic Games pay for free games?

First of all, it is stated that yun lovers who are members of the Epic Games Store and buy free games make different expenses at the rate of 7% later. When we look at the list, we see that besides dozens of games, different statistics about these games are also included in this leaked document. In addition to the dates provided for free, Epic Games also includes a lot of information about the games. In addition to the fees paid to the games to be given free of charge, we can clearly see the numbers such as how many members these games bring to the system.

When we look at the leaked figures, three games with more than one million dollars draw attention regarding the wages paid. For example, Epic Games paid the distributor company a full $ 1.4 million to give the Subnautica game to its users for free. The number of members that this game brought to the Epic Games Stora system was 804,052. On the other hand, for the Batman Arkham series, it seems that the company paid a full $ 1.5 million to Warner Bros. The contribution of this game to the number of new members seems to be 613.912 people. Mutant Year Zero, which was paid $ 1 million, made 197,845 people members of the Epic Games Store system. For For Honor, it is also among the striking figures that the company paid only $ 63,000 to Ubisoft. One of the most curious topics on the list, GTA V figures not included.

The total expenditure of the Epic Games Store for free games in the last nine months appears to be $ 11,658,000. The total contribution of the 38 games on the list in terms of new members was 4,924,213. You can check out this leaked list below.

How much does Epic Games pay for free games?

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