Hogwarts bütün ihtişamıyla Valheim

Hogwarts appears in Valheim in all its glory

The iconic region of the Harry Potter universe has been recreated by a player in the world of Hogwarts Valheim. Stitched stitch by stitch …

With Zabore username In a video he posted on YouTube, he shows the remake of Hogwarts, one of the iconic venues of the Harry Potter series in the game Valheim. It is a gigantic structure and as it seems, tremendous effort has been put into it. With fine craftsmanship, Valheim continues to host creative actors. The environment he designed into the mountain biome to capture the snowy atmosphere looks very detailed.

They did Hogwarts in Valheim

The building hosts many sections such as “The Great Hall”, which you can recognize from the movies. Of course, the food at the table in Valheim, we hope the wizard kids will not be very angry. Because their taste is a little different. You can also see from the video below that there are underground passages and separate rooms for students.

Apart from the main buildings, you can also see a recreation of Hagrid’s cottage in this video, which draws attention to detail. Going beyond that, he even made a Quidditch field. Zabore says all this was done without any mods installed in the game. Only “God mode” is used in the game, which allows unlimited resource usage and flying. If you want to try it, you can find all console commands in our Valheim cheats article. You can also access our various other Valheim content from the link below.

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