He designed a city every three years alone in Minecraft

The user, who shared the screenshots on Reddit, announced that he struggled for 3 years to make a city in Minecraft.

Sometimes we do not know whether we are surprised by the actors’ perseverance or their patience. Reddit user the_balazs, who published his city today, which he built for three years in the Minecraft game, answers the question. “This ain’t Cities SkylinesThe screenshot, which he posted with the caption, shows the city he built on Minecraft. An imaginary city between New York and Chicago, “Tranton” was made in exactly three years. He says he uses nothing but Chunky and other World Edit plugins to slightly improve the rendering quality.

Minecraft made the city of “Tranton” alone in three years

Share your screenshot on Reddit the_balazsanswered questions about how long it took to build. “Maybe it’s hard for you to believe, but I did it alone in almost 3 years.” Some users who download the city to their computers under the same comments have touched on different points. They say that there are too many “duplicate buildings” in the city, as he can copy and paste buildings thanks to the “world edit” plugin he uses. He also answers questions from other users via this reddit post. When asked if the map is over, he said it is not finished yet, working on it, but still PlanetMinecraftHe says he uploaded it to.

He designed a city every three years alone in Minecraft

Remember the times when building a structure in games was extremely enjoyable? With the release of Minecraft, it has become easier for players to reflect their creativity to their worlds and share with each other. Of course, together with Minecraft, we have come across a game where we can build many buildings since then. But none of this felt the sense of freedom in Minecraft. Here we have a new game today.

Screenshot below From the Steam community has been taken.

He designed a city every three years alone in Minecraft

A game that officially takes Minecraft’s formula of being popular around the world and re-designs it with its own touches; Valheim. For the first time in years, people have begun to imitate the iconic structures found in the world in a game. In addition, it is possible to see original structures with their own designs. With the freedom of the building system and the limitless imagination of the players, screenshots that you will love to see are emerging. If you don’t know much about Valheim, of course we have a few articles we can recommend for you.

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