Valheim düşük FPS sorunu mu yaşıyorsunuz? Çözüm çok basit

Having a Valheim low FPS problem? The solution is very simple

If you are having a low FPS problem while your system is good while playing Valheim, this solution is simple enough to make you laugh.

Valheim is not a heavy game that demands excellent powerful systems from you. However, since it is an independent game, it was not developed with extremely large budgets. Therefore Valheim when playing low FPS issue the number of living users is quite high. Looking at the graphics, we don’t see any reason for this game to hurt, right? The problem is in the technical part. The method we will talk about now can increase your number of frames per second in the game.

Valheim low FPS issue – FPS boost

Reddit A user made a crucial point on it. How much is Valheim “full screenIf you set it to “mode, it doesn’t work full screen. Instead, it uses frameless window mode. In fact, although this mode improves performance in many games, it results in a low FPS problem for Valheim. So what do you need to do to run the game in full screen? The solution is very simple.”

Unfortunately, it is not enough to set it to full screen mode in the settings. We need to make sure it is fully screened. If the game is running behind the game instead of minimizing when you switch tabs with ALT + TAB while the game is open, it is not in full screen. To run Valheim in full screen, you need to enter the following code in the options to start from Steam. This forces the game to run in full screen. Let’s explain it step by step.

  • Right click on Valheim from your Steam library
  • Select “Properties” from the drop down menu.
  • At the bottom of the General tab, you will see the “Launch options” section.
  • Type “-windows-mode exclusive -screen-fullscreen” in the launch options section

Having a Valheim low FPS problem?  The solution is very simple

When the game goes to full screen mode, your graphics card and processor will start to take full advantage. If you still think it’s not going to full screen ALT + ENTER You can confirm it. Even if your system is burdened, the performance of your game will increase considerably. But one more thing needs to be stated. If you opened the game with the Vulkan API, this will not work. If you don’t have an AMD graphics card, Vulkan doesn’t improve performance anyway. Therefore, you have to open the game with DirectX. Otherwise, you cannot force the game to open in full screen. If the game opens in full screen, a great FPS rise is waiting for you. Yes, the solution for the Valheim low FPS problem is that simple for this method. There are different methods, and it looks like we’ll be handling it a little more until the developer picks up the situation. When you try the method in the post, please don’t forget to mention whether it worked or not in the comments.

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